Sewing Tutorial: DIY Device Pouch for Hands-Free Activities

February 26, 2021

Keep your phone handy while you’re moving with this easy-to-make accessory.

Combine your passions for DIY and fitness by making yourself this cool pouch for your phone. We’ve all been there: on a walk or at the gym without a stash pocket – it’s a bummer. This pouch slips easily around your arm and can be worn while doing all kinds of activities.

Our blog contributor, Laura, is an avid runner and sewist, and this device pouch is one of her go-to accessories.

It’s got function.

Two key features of the pouch are the elastic arm bands to keep it in place on your arm and the grommet opening for device cords.

The two elastic arm bands are made with Dritz® soft waistband elastic. This elastic is comfortable yet has just the right amount of stretch to keep the pouch from slipping when you’re moving.

The ½” grommet opening lets cords escape from the pouch while the flap of the pouch folds over to keep your device securely stashed inside.

Make it now.

Jump over to Trash To Couture to grab the full sewing tutorial. You’ll find the construction is quite easy!

If you’ve never worked with Dritz ½” grommets, check out this video to perfect your installation technique. These particular Dritz grommets are ideal for this project because they work well with the athletic knit fabric.

Put it on and go!

You’re ready to run with this cutie – or walk, or go to the gym, or just have your hands free wherever you are!

Get more ideas.

If you like this device pouch, we’ve got more inspiration for you! Check out all of our DIY fitness accessories and gear projects.

Happy making – and moving!

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