Best Handmade Gifts: Easy and Thoughtful

December 8, 2020

Check out our top gift ideas and get making.

If you’re looking to make some special gifts this season here’s a good start. You’ll see some familiar projects here, and that’s because they keep topping the list in terms of most viewed projects on our blog. Accessories like card wallets, kitchen towels and cord wraps are universally appealing and so easy to make. And even if you don’t make the whole project, you can always give flair to a hat or bag by adding a DIY pompom.

Super easy handmade gift ideas

kitchen towels with snap closure to hang from oven bar in kitchen

Kitchen towels with snaps.

This project consistently tops the charts. Why? Because adding Dritz plastic snaps to store-bought kitchen towels solves the problem of towels that fall to floor or end up crumpled up on the counter. And that’s a win! See the project details here and make your plan.

Cloth face masks with lanyards.

It is 2020 after all. Why not give some festive cloth face masks with lanyards and lighten the mood? We have tons of cloth mask making content, plus more details for the mask and lanyard sets shown.

Knit hat with pompom.

Even if you don’t make the hat you can add a snazzy DIY pompom – a Prym pompom maker is all you need. This nifty gadget lets you crank out pompoms like nobody’s business. String finished pompoms into garlands or add to jewelry and accessories. These are so much fun to make! Check out our instruction guide for more how-to info.

All the cord wraps.

Do you know anyone who doesn’t need to manage their cords? Anyone? Exactly why DIY cord wraps are a thing. Add a matching earbud case and you’ve got storage solved; use that handy swivel hook to attach the case to a keychain or tab inside a purse or tote.

Easy-sew bag with drawstring & pompom details.

You can whip up a stack of cute fabric bags using fabrics in your stash and basic sewing supplies. The fabric bags can be the gift OR house a gift. Here’s how easy they are to make:

  1. Measure and cut 2 rectangular pieces of fabric + extra for seam allowances and casing (the overall size of the bag is up to you; decide based on how much fabric you have on-hand and/or what your bag will hold).
  2. Place print sides together and stitch around 3 sides leaving small opening in side seams for drawstring. Fold down top to create casing and stitch.
  3. Use a Prym comfort twist knitting mill to make an I-cord drawstring (see full instructions here). Thread cord through casing
  4. Use a pompom maker to make some fun pompoms to add to end of cords if you like.

Gift card wallet.

Another fan favorite. You can add a gift card to the wallet if you’re feeling especially generous, but the wallet itself is a great gift that can be carried every day! See how easy it is to make – the sewing tutorial includes a free pattern.

Hope these ideas are helpful. Happy handmade holidays!

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