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2020 Gift Guide: Best Sewing, Quilting & Knitting Supplies

December 7, 2020

All the new gear for the creatives on your list.

Hobbies are ranking high on the list of things to give this year. Maybe it’s more time at home. Or maybe it’s simply a renewed interest in things that bring joy. If you’ve got creatives on your list, our selection of gift ideas has something for everyone – beginners to advanced sewists, DIY fans needing tried and true tools, and yarn lovers, too.

Start sewing: this kit has all the goods.

A quick solution for beginner sewists right here. This Dritz sewing kit has all the essential sewing tools housed in a handy storage box with a removable tray. And that pretty aqua color – swoon.

Can’t go wrong with favorite sewing tools.

Create one-of-a-kind gift sets that show you really care. Sewists love to geek out on all the latest and greatest tools and gadgets. Here’s a sampling of some clever sewing goodies:

Gotta love that iconic tomato pin cushion.

Say the word sewing and a tomato pin cushion comes to mind, right? And while there are many tomato pin cushions to choose from, you might not know about these cute little mini tomato pin cushions. They come in packs of 12 – perfect for giving to all your sewing friends, making into garlands, using for gift embellishment – the ideas are plentiful!

A loaded sewing basket is a very good gift indeed.

Another seasonal favorite. Our sewing baskets come in many shapes, sizes and fabric prints. Each basket features an interior tray to keep things organized and handy. Find one that you love and then load it with a stash of sewing tools and supplies.

Dritz Design Ruler Trio: Use to make up to 37 unique sewing pattern adjustments; free tutorials to download

Attention, garment-making gurus.

A handmade wardrobe has many benefits, and for those wanting to take up garment making, there are a couple of tools that are real game-changers.

Use the Dritz ruler trio to make clothes that FIT.

The new Dritz ruler trio is one of those tools. With it, you can make up to 37 different sewing pattern adjustments. If you’re going to take the time to make your own clothes, you certainly want them to fit perfectly. Check out this blog post that details each of the rulers in the trio and links over to the free tutorials for each – you’ll find 85+ pages of illustrated instructions to save and reference again and again. Now that’s a gift!

Committed to making your own clothes? Invest in a dress form.

A second garment-making essential is a dress form. Again, if you’re taking the time to do it, do it right. The most popular female forms are the Twin Fit (left) and My Double Designer (right). Each is available in several sizes and is loaded with features. Be sure to click through to see the item pages that are packed with details and specifications.

Meet Mr. Tailor.

He’s our male form and has many features as well, including an off-set pole to hang pants legs straight. See all of Mr. Tailor’s specifications – it’s the perfect form for sewing guys’ clothing.

And don’t forget about the kiddos.

The Little Double is what you need for sewing and fitting children’s clothing for kids aged 6-10 years old. Again, click over to the item page and check out all of its specifications. Sewing for the little in your life is a fantastic gift!

Top-notch cutting tools for the win.

You can’t go wrong with basics like rotary cutters, rulers and mats. These Omnigrid staples are used to create a cutting station to cut fabric for all kinds of sewing and quilting projects. The rotating cutting mats are new in the line-up, so even those seasoned quilters on your list aren’t likely to have one yet. Learn more about the 8″ 360 rotating mat and the 14″ 360 rotating mat to see which is the best choice for you.

Foldaway cutting and pressing stations let you craft on-the-go.

Sleeper product right here: Omnigrid Foldaway cutting and pressing stations. These are so unique and handy to have! They were originally designed for quilting classes and retreats, but this year they’re a fan fave because they let you easily move your workspace from room to room, or even outdoors to a patio or porch. And in this year of being adaptable, that’s a big win! Check out the three sizes that are available:

Make it easy: grab a kit.

Take the guesswork out of gifting and just grab a kit! These are multi-functional, and can be used for cutting all the things – even paper for scrapbooking or kids’ crafts and school projects. These mats fold for easy storage and portability. The small 12″ x 18″ folds to 9″ x 12″ and the large 18″ x 24″ folds to 12″ x 18″. Each includes a folding mat, rotary cutter and ruler.

‘Tis the time to take it outside.

The Prym Yarnit can help with that. This durable clear globe lets you knit on the run – or pretty much anywhere you want to enjoy your craft. Its hinged lid keeps yarn clean and secure, and its base grips to surfaces and comes off to reveal hidden storage for small accessories. A super cool gift for anyone who knits.

Yarn storage that goes where you go.

The Prym Big Sully is a companion product to the Yarnit and is used in much the same way – to house your yarn and accessories – it’s just bigger! It holds most regular size yarn skeins, yarn cakes, yarn balls and cones. Lots of options when it comes to gifting for knitters.

A clever tool for crafting great knitted details.

Knit I-cord tubes for embellishments, weaving, accessories and more – do it easily with the Prym comfort twist knitting mill. Simply secure it to a table and get started!

Three cheers for pompom making.

Even if you don’t know what you’re going to do with them, they sure are fun to make. Add them to hats, garlands, scarves, party decor, wall hangings – anything you can imagine. Each Prym pompom maker makes 2 sizes of pompom and includes a full-color instruction booklet. See them here and figure out who on your list needs one (even if it’s you!):

Celebrate the close of this crazy year with the gift of creativity! Most of the items featured have a “where to buy” at the bottom of their linked product detail page or are easily searchable online.

Happy holidays!

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