Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costumes with Cloth Face Masks

October 20, 2020

Easy to make with basic supplies: for kids and adults, too.

If there’s one time of year that mask-wearing seems pretty normal, it’s Halloween. We’ve got a couple of costume ideas for you that are easy to execute using basic sewing supplies and standard T-shirts. Bonus for 2020: they include matching cloth face masks. If your Halloween plans are up in the air, these simple yet cute and functional costumes are worth a look. They’re easy to make at the last minute!

Easy Halloween Costumes and Matching Cloth Face Masks for Kids and Adults

Easy Halloween Costumes and Matching Cloth Face Masks for Kids and Adults

Mom & me skeleton costumes.

This clever duet is so fun. Make the kid-size skeleton using a template or stencil plus adhesive vinyl sheets for the ribcage and bones. The adult-sized T is also simple to make using any readily available ribcage template.

Key tools for both of these costumes? An Omnigrid cutting station. That’s a workspace that includes an Omnigrid mat, rotary cutter and ruler. You’ll be surprised how often you use this workspace for all of your Halloween sewing and crafting. (And pretty much any time you’re cutting fabric for projects!)

Jump over to Trash To Couture for the full instructions for the skeleton costumes.

Easy-to-Make DIY Bat Costume for Kids with Matching Cloth Face Mask

Kid’s bat costume.

This is just the cutest. You agree? Again, simple to make with a long-sleeved T-shirt, felt and those essential Omnigrid cutting tools.

The good news is that although we’re showing this as a kid’s costume, it can be made for all sizes following the same basic instructions.

Pair the costumes with cloth face masks.

At this stage in the game, there are many pre-made cloth face masks out there, and for this situation it is easy to add facial details to a plain colored fabric mask using the same process used to make the skeleton costumes (templates + adhesive vinyl). You can also craft a very basic cloth face mask from our beginner styles, and then add the facial details.

Easy-to-Make DIY Skelton Costume for Kids with Matching Cloth Face Mask

Trick or treat!

Whatever Halloween ends up looking like this year, we hope your celebration is fun and safe. Check out all of the easy Halloween ideas here on our blog and put together a plan of action that works best for you.

Happy Halloween, friends!


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