Sewing Tutorial: Roll-Up Pouch for Tools & Supplies

September 21, 2020

It’s easy to sew and even better to give.

We love this roll-up pouch for a couple of reasons. First, it comes together easily using a 12″ square of fabric or quilt block. That means you can use this tutorial to make something pretty and functional out of all your favorite fabric scraps. Second, once you make the handy pouch, you can fill it with all kinds of things. Of course, we would likely fill it with sewing supplies. But it also makes a great home for art materials like pencils, markers or paint brushes. It’s also perfect for your arsenal of make-up tools, like brushes, applicators, nail files and small gadgets.

Sewing Tutorial: Roll-Up Pouch for Tools & Supplies

Sewing Tutorial: Roll-Up Pouch for Tools & Supplies

Gather your supplies.

Dritz® supplies:

Omnigrid® ruler

Other supplies:

  • 12″ piece of fabric or a quilt block for the front of the pouch
  • Quilter’s cotton for the back of the pouch and bias tape (for binding & straps)
  • Fusible fleece interfacing

Quilt block, backing fabric and binding for making a roll-up supply pouch

Use a 12″ quilt block if you have one.

Look familiar? This pouch was made using the modern flying geese quilt block from our Carolina Sunset block-of-the-month series. This is such a cool idea because it’s a great example of how versatile a quilt block can be: in other words, you don’t have to make more than one, and you certainly don’t have to make a full-sized quilt out of them.

No quilt block? No worries. A piece of 12″ fabric will work, too. Jump over to Trash To Couture to see Laura’s full sewing tutorial and sizing recommendations on all of the materials in the supply list.

Sewing Tutorial: Roll-Up Pouch for Tools & Supplies

Make your pockets right-sized for your supplies.

When you read through Laura’s sewing tutorial, make special note of her instructions for measuring and marking the width of the pockets for your pouch. You’ve got options here, but it will be helpful to know what you’ll be putting in those pockets when you determine how wide to make them.

Sewing Tutorial: Roll-Up Pouch for Tools & Supplies

We think the pouch is ideal for sewing tools.

So we’ve filled it with a few of our faves: sewing gauge, super seamer ruler, serrated tracing wheel, marking pen & pencil, serger tweezers and Seam-Fix seam ripper. What are your favorite tools and what would you fill it with?

And if it’s that time of year that you’re compiling your holiday gift making list, be sure to file this project in your idea stash. You can personalize the fabric and the contents of pouch for a one-of-a-kind gift that your buddies will love!

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Happy sewing!


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