Beginner Sewing: Cloth Face Mask Solutions

August 27, 2020

Clever ideas for wearing & keeping them handy – adults & kids, too.

Keep cloth face masks handy (and not left behind) with these easy DIY solutions. Lanyards are ideal for holding masks at-hand – ready to wear just when you need them. Carabiners hook masks to bags and backpacks meaning you are good-to-go on the grocery-run and your kids are ready for school.

Let’s talk lanyards.

Matching cloth face mask and lanyard set for the win. Our fashion blogger, Laura, made this duo using the cloth face mask pattern in this tutorial.

Lanyards are easy to construct using a Dritz bias tape maker, ½” swivel hooks and basic sewing skills. The ability to customize your mask/lanyard set with matching fabrics is what DIY is all about!

Here’s another look using printed trim and strapping. If the material you’re using for the strap is wider than the opening of the swivel hook, you can make tabs as shown above.

See all the details for these lanyards on Laura’s blog.

Look ma, I haven’t lost my face mask.

What do you do with the lanyard when you’re wearing your mask? You’ve got options!

You can let the lanyard hang from the mask’s ear loops (down the neck/back). Or, you can unhook the lanyard from the mask altogether and clasp its hooks together (so it hangs like a necklace). Whatever is more comfortable for you works!

Let’s talk carabiners.

Are you familiar with this useful piece of hardware? It’s got a spring-action opening that allows you to clip two things together – in this case, a face mask to a shopper bag.

Tip: Keep a shopper plus attached mask in your car for last-minute errands.

Hang a carabiner and mask from your kids’ backpacks. You might even want to hang more than one mask (better safe than sorry).

Carabiners are a convenient piece of hardware to have in your stash these days – clip them onto bags, straps, even belt loops and give your mask a place to hang out!

Essential accessories made easy.

Now that you’ve got that sewing machine out … it really is no big deal to whip up a variety of accessories to keep all of today’s indispensable items nearby.

Have fun playing with scrap fabrics in your stash, making one-of-a-kind holders for all the things! Check out the Dritz colorful plastic snaps and full range of swivel hooks and let your creativity take over.

Technique Tutorial: Face Mask with Pleats (options for both elastic loops & fabric ties) from Dritz

Check out all of the cloth face mask content here on our blog. We have a lot of helpful information for you! Follow Dritz on Instagram and drop your questions and comments there.

Stay safe & sew!

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