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Top 3 Magnetic Snap Closures for Bags

July 30, 2020

Learn how to choose & install the best one for your sewing project.

Raise your hand if you’re sewing a lot this summer! Our fashion blogger, Laura, is, and this month she’s making bags. Follow along and explore the options at hand when it comes to choosing a magnetic snap closure. Check out the different bags she made and learn about the Dritz magnetic snaps she used for each. We’ve included three handy tutorials for you to download, save and easily reference while you sew. You’ve got options, bag-making friends!

3 Top Magnetic Snap Closures for Bags

Dritz Magnetic Snaps: 3 Top Snap Closures for Bags

The magnetic snaps.

In the Dritz line, there are three popular types of magnetic snaps to consider for bag making: standard sew-on magnetic snaps (top), decorative sew-on magnetic snaps (bottom left) and pronged magnetic snaps (bottom right).

Dritz Magnetic Snaps: 3 Top Snap Closures for Bags

The selection process.

Take a closer look at the different snap styles and what they look like when they are installed. See how each is a bit unique? Choose the snap that works best for your project. Consider these things: whether or not you want the snap to be visible once it’s installed, the weight of your fabric, and when you want to apply the snap (during or after the bag construction process).

For example, if you’re installing a magnetic snap to a bag you’ve already made or purchased, the decorative magnetic snap is the one to use because it is easily sewn on top of the fabric surface. Standard magnetic snaps and pronged magnetic snaps are applied within the fabric layers of your project so need to be installed during the construction process. Make sense?

Sewing Project: Shopper Bag with Hidden Magnetic Snap

The shopper bag with hidden magnetic closure.

For this shopper bag, Laura chose the standard sew-on magnetic snap. This bag is reversible, so she wanted the snap to be completely “hidden” between the layers of fabric – the snap is not visible regardless of which side is facing out! Sew this snap into place during the construction process, sandwiching it in between layers of fabric.

Dritz Magnetic Snap with Prongs - how to apply to clutch purse

The clutch with pronged magnetic closure.

For this clutch which has more structure and heavier fabric than the shopper, Laura applied the pronged magnetic snap. The snap itself is visible, but its prongs are extended underneath the top layers of the fabric on each side of the clutch. Apply this type of snap during the construction process of the bag (or other accessory/garment). Install it using its prongs.

Dritz Decorative Magnetic Sew-On Snap

The beach tote with magnetic decorative flower snap.

This is one of Laura’s favorite bags. Only thing missing? A closure to keep contents secure inside. The decorative magnetic snap is ideal in this case, because it can be applied to bags you already have – handmade or store bought. Sew this snap directly onto the surface of the fabric – it is visible once installed. (And pretty cute, too!)

3 Top Magnetic Snap Closures for Bags

The tutorials, full DIY details and additional resources.

Excited about magnetic snaps and all the possibilities they provide? Be sure to check out our in-depth tutorials for each style. Our PDFs provide a wealth of knowledge and tips and are yours to download, save and reference again and again. Here you go:

Jump over to Trash To Couture for Laura’s DIY details on the bags above, including step-by-step images of each snap’s installation.

Peruse our full range of snaps and start thinking about which styles are right for you: all Dritz bulk snaps and all single-pack Dritz locks and magnetic snaps.

If you use magnetic snaps (or other popular hardware pieces) frequently, check out the Dritz bulk collection. It includes multi-piece packages of best hardware and tools. Bulk packages are ideal for makers, teachers or anyone who just loves to sew!

Hope you find this information helpful. Happy summer sewing & making!

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