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Dritz Sewing Tools and Hardware for Makers, Cosplay and Classes

June 15, 2020

Bulk up on essentials so favorite supplies are always handy.

Keep your stash stocked and ready to roll with top-ranked sewing tools and hardware items in bulk packages. If you do a lot of sewing, you know there’s nothing worse than running out of supplies midway through a project. Check out the range of items that is now available in bulk packages – make fewer store trips or purchases and guarantee you’re not left hanging. Good news, huh?

Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tools and Hardware in Bulk Packaging


Dritz Hardware for Sewing and DIY

Lots of hardware here.

Staples include eyelets/grommets/rivets, fasteners/closures and belting/strap supplies. These parts and pieces are typically functional: a strap is connected to a bag with a hook or ring, suspenders are attached to pants with clips. Hardware serves a purpose and that’s why it’s so integral to so many sewing and DIY projects. It has a job to do!

DIY Belt Straps and Cords made with Dritz plastic buckles, slides and cord stops

Hardware becomes part of your project, like these strap adjusters and buckles, and cord stops. It’s used in large quantities because multiple pieces of hardware are often used on a single project. Projects are duplicated for sale online and that means hardware is often purchased more frequently and in large quantities.

Dritz Sewing Tools in Containers

Tools, please.

You need the same basic sewing tools and pins/needles for every project. Some tools, like seam rippers, have a finite lifetime; once they become dull, they need to be replaced. The iconic tomato pin cushion is a fan favorite – sewists just love having multiples.

DIY Bag Straps and Belt Bags Made with Dritz Hardware

Makers: you need a robust stash of supplies.

Keep your online shops stocked with best projects, and be prepared for craft fair season. Makers use a lot of hardware for handmade DIY accessories, and these bulk packages were developed with that need in mind.

DIY Cosplay Costumes and Accessories Made with Dritz Hardware

Cosplayers: wow, you make a lot of costumes.

We know – it’s a lifestyle. And once you commit to cosplay, you need hardware for your DIY costumes – and lots of it. Get creative with storage for most frequently used items – we just love how the compartments in this metal tray keep all that hardware sorted and organized.

Sewing Machine with Dritz Sewing Tools

Class is in session.

Teachers and educational organizers need sewing essentials for classes – pin cushions, pins and needles, tape measures and seam rippers. Bulk packages of these key items include 12 pieces each, making class set-up easy.

DIY Bag Making with Dritz Hardware

Make all the things.

Regardless of what your DIY addiction is, the Dritz bulk packs are ideal for you!

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Happy making!

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