DIY Belt Bags: Two Looks – Two Ways to Wear

June 2, 2020

Think of these beauties as updated fanny packs.

When you’re out and about and you want to carry only the essentials, these DIY belt bags are the perfect accessory. They’ve got a petite profile that won’t weigh you down, and they leave your hands free for multi-tasking. These belted bags look fabulous worn either over the shoulder or at the waist, and they’re so easy to make with just a little bit of sewing. We’ll show you how to make two different bags: one with a drawstring top and one with a top flap that snaps closed.  Finish them with Dritz hardware – rivets, eyelets, snaps and buckles – and show off your DIY skills.

DIY Hands-Free Belt Bags: Easy to Sew, Two Ways to Wear

DIY Hands-Free Belt Bags: Easy to Sew, Two Ways to Wear

Bag 1: the daring drawstring.

This is one tough looking bag. And we really love how it looks both at the waist and over the shoulder. The good news is you can switch it up as your outfit – or mood – dictates. Our fashion blogger, Laura, over at Trash To Couture gives you the full details to craft this little gem.

DIY vinyl belt bag (sewing tutorial) with Dritz eyelets and rivets

Perfect pairing.

The quilted vinyl that she found for this bag paired with the Dritz rivets is really a winning combo. Watch our YouTube video and see how easy it is to apply the rivets. As you plan your bag DIY keep in mind that the rivets can be used creatively as an embellishment, like Laura did here, to accent the diamond shapes of the quilted vinyl. They’re there simply to look good!

DIY vinyl belt bag (sewing tutorial) with Dritz eyelets and rivets

Add functionality with eyelets.

While the rivets add flair, the eyelets add function, creating openings for the drawstring to pass through. There are options when it comes to size and finish – check out the wide range of Dritz eyelets and grommets and remember that they are ideal for bag making because they create openings for straps, belts, drawstrings and sashes to pass through.

DIY vinyl belt bag (sewing tutorial) with Dritz eyelets and rivets

A few final details like clipping the corners and flipping the bag right side out and you’re almost ready to wear this cutie. (Jump to the end of this post for the belt DIY instructions for both bags.)

DIY Hands-Free Belt Bags: Easy to Sew, Two Ways to Wear

Bag 2: bold & beautiful.

The color of this bag provides a perfect ground for the rivets and heavy-duty snap closure. The hardware grabs your attention and creates quite the statement on this bag. The snap closure keeps the flap of the bag closed and contents within secure.

DIY tutorial: hands-free belt bag with Dritz rivets

After you cut and sew the vinyl pieces to create this bag following Laura’s DIY, it’s time to add the rivets and snap closure. The specific styles used for this bag are the Dritz double-cap rivets and 5/8″ heavy-duty snap, both in nickel. Note that both come packaged with the hand tools to apply.

Curious about those clips? Glad you asked! They’re Dritz Getta Grip® sewing clips and they are perfect for use when sewing vinyl or other materials that you don’t want to pierce by using pins. Check out this blog post to learn more about them.

DIY tutorial: hands-free belt bag with Dritz rivets

This bag finishes up easily with simple sewing along its sides after the rivets are installed.

Belts being made with a Dritz buckle (DIY tutorial)

Make the belts.

The belt DIY is the same for both bags. You’ll use a Dritz fashion buckle for the closure.

A belt being made with Getta Grip Sewing Clips (DIY tutorial)

Follow Laura’s instructions for using Dritz Wash Away™ Wonder Tape and Getta Grip® sewing clips to start the strap.

A belt with Dritz buckle (DIY tutorial)

You’ll finish it with a Dritz fashion buckle. If you aren’t familiar with the variety of styles available in the Dritz line, you’ll want to check them out here. Dritz belt buckle hardware is ideal for making all kinds of DIY belts and straps.

A belt with Dritz buckle (DIY tutorial)

Use a Dritz awl to pierce holes for the buckle and you’re finished!

DIY Hands-Free Belt Bags: Easy to Sew, Two Ways to Wear

Two rockin’ looks.

You really can’t have too many of these bags. And once you make a couple, you might just want to make a few more.

DIY Hands-Free Belt Bags: Easy to Sew, Two Ways to Wear

Addicted to bag making?

You’re not alone. We know that many of you out there make bags not only for yourself, but to sell in online shops and craft fairs. If you do consider yourself someone who crafts a lot, the new Dritz bulk sewing items and hardware are ideal for you. You’ll find top tools plus favorite hardware and findings in bulk quantities that provide both value and convenience. Always stocked and ready – that’s YOU!

If you like these bags, be sure to check out all of our inspiration from Trash To Couture and our other bag projects.

Check in with Dritz on Instagram and leave us comments and questions there. We’d love to hear from you.

Happy bag making!

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