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Sewing Machine Accessories: 8 Items to Simplify Your Sewing

September 5, 2019

Keep your sewing machine clean, organized and ready to go.

Does your sewing stash include the best sewing machine accessories? Sometimes machine accessories get overlooked, and that’s a shame. There are some really clever tools out there that will really simplify your sewing. Learn more about the 8 items that our design team uses routinely in our sewing lab when machine sewing. Hopefully you’ll discover something new!

House your bobbins in ring.

Well this is pretty cool. It’s a bobbin ring and it’s the perfect home for your thread-loaded bobbins. Insert bobbins into the ring as shown – thread colors are easy to see and choose. Stash the bobbin ring in a drawer or throw it in a bag and head to class. Bobbins stay securely housed inside the ring.

Put your bobbins in a box.

When it comes to bobbin storage, you’ve got options. This Dritz bobbin box holds 28 standard size bobbins and features a snap-shut clear lid to let you see what’s inside. A great way to keep bobbins clean and dust-free wherever they might be stored.

Organize thread spools on the wall.

You gotta love this thread rack. Organize and move spools around as you add colors to your collection – it holds up to 60 spools. This non-varnished wood rack has two pull-out legs on its back so you can display it on a flat surface or hang it on the wall like we did. Ah, versatility!

Keep large thread cones close at-hand.

What’s a cone thread holder you might ask? It’s a clever tool that makes cones and large spools of thread sewing-machine ready. The thread guide holds thread taught as you sew, ensuring it flows perfectly through your sewing machine.

Dust off that lint.

What’s your machine maintenance routine? One of the things you should do on the regular is remove dust and lint from moving machine parts. We’ve got a tool for that. This Dritz lint brush cleans sewing machines, sergers and other small appliances. A must-have for your sewing tool box.

Shine a light on it.

A savior for tired eyes right here. Our flexible LED light sheds light on your sewing progress. Bright light. It’s portable and adjustable and features 3 LED bulbs that will provide over 10,000 light hours (now that’s a lot of sewing!).

The best part? The Dritz LED light is available in 3 colors – guaranteed to look great in your space.

Easily insert & thread machine needles.

Another super useful machine sewing tool is our needle inserter/threader. Use it to hold your machine needle steady and easily insert and remove it from your machine. Once your needle is in place, use this tool to thread it. Use it alongside the LED light and your eyes will thank you!

Sew over seams and thick materials.

This is a tool you might not know about – it’s a jean-a-ma-jig. This is a handy jig that helps you to sew over thick seams when topstitching or hemming. It’s ideal for jeans (hence its name), but it also works on jackets, quilts, upholstery and other home decorating projects. Jump over to the Dritz website and select the instructions & tutorials tab to see detailed instructions for how to use this unusual tool.

We hope we’ve got you thinking about simplifying your sewing with a few cool machine accessories. We have many more machine tools but these are just a few that we use in our sewing studio day in and day out. Hopefully you’ve discovered something new!

In addition to accessories related specifically to your machine, you’ll want to know more about these must-have tools and work space essentials to get your sewing area completely set-up. For daily inspiration and education, connect with Dritz on Instagram and Facebook – we’re always making something!

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