Modern Circles Wall Hanging

March 20, 2019


This beauty will brighten any space.

You won’t believe just how easy it is to make this fresh wall hanging. The circular shapes are the star of the piece, and you can create as many or as few of them as you want. You’ll use the Omnigrid OmniArc circle cutter ruler and scrap fabrics of your choice to make them. This wall art comes together when you decide the interplay of the circles – will they be placed singly or intermingled? The choice is yours.

Fresh & Modern Easy Quilted Wall Hanging

Omnigrid supplies:

Dritz supplies:

Other supplies:

  • Background fabric
  • Heavyweight fusible interfacing
  • 3 to 5 pieces of fabric for circles
  • Sewing machine with matching and contracting thread
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • 5/8” wooden dowel rod

Use rotary cutter, ruler, and mat to cut heavyweight weight interfacing to desired finished dimensions. Cut background fabric 2” wider and 6” longer than interfacing piece.

Use Omnigrid Rulers for the Most Precise Measuring for Sewing & Quilting Projects

Fuse interfacing to back of background fabric with 1” of fabric extending past interfacing along both sides and bottom. Top will have 5” without interfacing (for hanging pocket).

Use the Dritz Ezy Hem Gauge Tool for Measuring Hems on Sewing & Quilting Projects

Fold sides and bottom in 1” and press. See how helpful it is to use a Dritz Ezy-Hem® gauge to do this.

Iron Fabric & Interfacing for Sewing Projects

Fold raw edges in to meet crease and form a ½” double fold. Press and stitch side and bottom hems.

Dritz Easy Grasp Pins

Turn top edge under ½”. Fold top edge down 2 ½” to form pocket for hanging rod. Pin and edgestitch along bottom of top hem.

Omnigrid OmniArc Circle Cutter Ruler for Cutting Fabric Circles

Now the fun part! Cut desired circles using an OmniArc circle cutter ruler and rotary cutter.

For our wall hanging we created 5 circles of the same size, as odd numbers create the best composition. We also wanted plenty of negative space, so that the circles take center stage.

Fresh & Modern Easy Quilted Wall Hanging

Position circles on wall hanging as desired. Pin in place. Use lots of pins on outside and inside curve to help keep circle in place while stitching.

Fresh & Modern Easy Quilted Wall Hanging

Stitch around each circle 4 or 5 times varying the placement of the stitching line. Cross stitching lines occasionally for more interest. Be sure to fold back overlapping circle edges and stitch bottom circle first.

Fresh & Modern Easy Quilted Wall Hanging

Insert rod into top pocket. Tie cording to ends of rod and secure with a dot of glue at the knot.

That’s it! Hang this up pretty much anywhere in your home. DIY wall hangings are perfect for oddly shaped walls that need a custom piece of art. They also add a lot of interest and texture to gallery walls.

Have fun with new DIY projects for spring!

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