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New Product Alert: Dritz Home Hardware, Handles & Tools

October 26, 2018

Clever, of-the-moment components to elevate furniture makeovers & DIY projects.

Salvaged furniture and dated accessories, or start-from-scratch DIY projects and crafts – give them a trendy, pro finish with the clever new components in the Dritz Home line. You’ll find hairpin and industrial legs for ottomans and chests; faux leather handles for drawers and boxes; and campaign hardware for all kinds of furniture and accessories. Mix and match all the components and create eclectic, bespoke pieces that give your home a very personal style. Dig in …

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Hardware, Handles & Tools

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Campaign Hardware, Handles & Tools

First, let’s talk campaign hardware. Historically, campaign hardware was used on portable furniture pieces that were carried during military campaigns. The removable fittings (the “campaign hardware”) made the furniture easier to transport, because it allowed the furniture to be disassembled into smaller pieces.

The new Dritz collection gives this traditional hardware a contemporary spin with clever textures and modern finishes. Designed purely for aesthetics, Dritz campaign hardware offers many end-use options for DIY enthusiasts and furniture restoration endeavors.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Campaign Hardware, Handles & Tools

Take a look at the flat hardware styles: you’ll find both straight corners and quatrefoil corners, as shown above. Each of these shapes comes in five finishes and two sizes. The decorative nails that you’ll use to apply the campaign hardware are included in the package. See all of the flat campaign hardware here.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Campaign Hardware, Handles & Tools

Get creative and mix and match the straight and quatrefoil corners; both shapes – and the various textures and finishes –  work well together and can be combined to create unique decorative units. (That’s the point to DIY after all – make it all your own – there are no rules!)

The right angle corner hardware styles hug the corners of frames, boxes and furniture pieces. They are also available in five finishes and two sizes, and they pair nicely with the flat campaign hardware. See all of the right angle campaign hardware here.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Wooden Bun Feet for DIY Furniture Makeovers

Decorative feet are another way to elevate basic store-bought pieces, or to add a finishing touch to hand crafted furniture and accessories. There are three styles of Dritz Home wooden feet: tapered square bun, fluted column bun and curved country bun.

Nice, huh? These curved country bun feet were installed into a simple wood top – add some stain and you’ve got a decorative pillow table.

Furniture legs add function, giving furniture its needed height and balance, but they shouldn’t be overlooked as a design opportunity as well. The styles in the Dritz Home range provide a simple way to add on-trend touches to basic pieces (or to update old ones). Choose from three styles; each in two finishes: modern hairpin antique brass and chrome; metal corner antique brass and chrome; industrial antique brass and chrome.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Hairpin Legs for DIY Furniture Makeovers

Here’s a great example of how the legs make the piece. This DIY ottoman was made with a $15 beach yoga blanket, but the addition of those antique brass modern hairpin legs gives it a surprisingly high-end, eclectic, look. We just love the mash-up of styles!

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Faux Leather Handle Sets

Faux leather handles are another unexpected add-on with a whole lot of personality. There are eight different styles to choose from, and each comes with Chicago screws that you’ll use to install them. They are ideal for updating baskets, drawers, boxes and furniture. See them all here.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Faux Leather Handle Sets

Take a look at this basic straw basket that has a whole new look. The trick? A little spray paint and our black faux patent leather handle set. It’s a perfect example of how the components in the Dritz Home line can be used to transform very ordinary pieces into decorator statements that perfectly complement your space.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Faux Leather Handle Sets & Chicago Screws

Chicago screws … what are they? They’re a type of fastener consisting of a flanged barrel nut post and a flanged screw; they sit flush on either side of the materials being fastened. The Dritz Home Chicago screws come in two lengths; each length is offered in two finishes. They are ideal for binding layers together, or attaching DIY handles to surfaces. Check them out here.

New Product Alert: Dritz Home Measuring Tools

To help DIYers in all their pursuits, we’ve got three new measuring tools – you can never have too many in your arsenal, and their sleek black matte finish is really good looking.

The new 36″ anodized aluminum straight edge is a real beauty – it was engineered with the home sewist in mind and is packed with features, such as center-finding scales and incremental yardage markings.

You’ll want to keep this new 120″ tape measure handy. It’s a must-have tool! It’s got clear inch markings on one side, and metric on the other; its generous length makes it ideal for home decor projects.

A lightweight, yet sturdy 12″ specialty ruler features pre-punched holes for circles and arcs, among many other clever markings.

We hope you’ll take the time to scroll through all of the links above and really dig into the details behind all of these clever new Dritz Home components and tools. Depending on your area of interest, or the furniture you’ve always thought about remodeling, we’re sure that these on-trend add-ons will give your next project a dynamite finish.

Stay in touch with us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube – we’ll be sharing lots of inspiration, education and information there about these new items, as well as the full range of creative Dritz products for all kinds of DIY.

Happy making!


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