Great Gifts: Easy-to-Sew Fabric Trays

December 15, 2017

Make them special with custom fabrics & design details.

Trying to come up with great gift ideas? Here’s one to consider: check out our giftable fabric trays. These make the list because they offer so many options for personalizing – you can tailor them specifically to those on your gift list. How? Start with favorite fabrics and then add details with Dritz® rivets and eyelets. Finish them off by declaring they’re “handmade” with a Dritz® metal or leather label.

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays Check out our original sewing tutorial to see the basic construction of this fabric tray. Then, start planning how you’ll customize your tray, based on who you’ll be giving it to.

Hint: Jewelry fans on your list? We think this fabric tray would look nice a bedside table or dresser, and keep favorite pieces handy.

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays Get creative! Fold the edges of your tray to highlight fabrics. We added Dritz® matte gold eyelets and a “handmade” label to this tray to complement the metallic details of the fabric.

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays Have some extra fabric on-hand? Make a coordinating wallet and you’ve now got a great looking gift set to give.

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays Isn’t this a sophisticated looking tray? Love that gunmetal finish on the rivets!

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays We used Dritz® double-cap rivets to apply the “one of a kind” leather label. (It’s easy to do – see how here.)

We also used the rivets to add stability and structure to the corners of the tray.

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays This is a thoughtful gift for the guys on your list! The good news is, it’s functional, too.

Great Gifts: Fabric Trays Are you beginning to get some ideas? Think about who is on your list and brainstorm fabrics and details that will make your fabric tray unique for that special someone.

Get inspired to use our leather and metal labels – they are perfect for many handmade gifts. (Notice we used them on each of our trays.)

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Happy holiday making!


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