No-Sew Project: DIY Fabric Mobile

November 13, 2017

Easy-to-create art with a clean modern look.

Is it possible to be minimal and impactful at the same time? We think so! Our DIY fabric mobile is proof of that! You can add instant wow to your home using fabric scraps and simple cutting techniques with this no-sew project that really delivers. The addition of Dritz® matte gold eyelets is a nice touch.

No-Sew Project: DIY Fabric Mobile

Dritz® supplies:

Omnigrid® supplies:

Other supplies:

  • 28- 3” x 3” fabric scraps- choose at least 4 different fabrics
  • 5 yds white yarn
  • Lightweight fusible interfacing
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Wooden dowel or stick- about 24” long

Fabric prep:

Choose fabric for your wall hanging that fits your personality and style. You’ve got a lot of choices – cotton, felt, fur, canvas – even paper will work! For our wall hanging, we used a combination of cotton and felt.

Only if your fabrics are flimsier than you’d like, fuse interfacing to the back of your cotton fabric. Our felt is thick enough to use as is, without interfacing.

Omnigrid Cutting Tools for Cutting Fabric: Rotary Cutter, Mat and Ruler 1) Use 2.5” square Omnigrid® ruler to cut out 28 squares with a rotary cutter. Don’t forget to cut on a safe surface, such as a cutting mat.

We cut 9 patterned cotton, 9 blue felt, 5 white cotton, and 5 grey felt.

No-Sew Project: DIY Fabric Mobile 2) Apply Fray Check® to loose edges of cotton (or as needed with other fabric that could fray).

3) Turn the squares to be diamonds and evenly space out the different fabrics. Make 5 diamond rows across and alternate every other row with 6 and 5 diamonds down.

Dritz Eyelets Being Applied to Felt 4) At top and bottom points of each diamond, trace around the inside of a back washer to mark positions for eyelets. Cut out marked holes.

Dritz Eyelets Being Applied to Felt 5) Following package instruction, attach 2-part eyelets to your diamonds, one at the top and one on the bottom. Remember that your 5 bottom diamonds only get one eyelet at the top.

Dritz Eyelets Being Applied to Felt 6) Cut five 38.5” pieces of white yarn. String each row of diamonds on a piece of white yarn by threading through the eyelets. Make sure the yarn is on the back side of the diamonds.

Dritz Eyelets Being Applied to Felt Tip: Use your cutting mat as a reference to leave about 1” between each diamond.

Dritz Eyelets Being Applied to Felt 7) Glue the yarn to the back of the diamonds using Liquid Stitch™ permanent adhesive.

8) Tie the diamond rows to a wooden dowel, or stick, leaving about 1.5” between rows.

No-Sew Project: DIY Fabric Mobile And … voilà! You have just made a great looking fabric mobile! Pretty impressive, huh?

Hang it in place of framed artwork as a fresh and fun way to add a pop of color and texture in your living room, bedroom, den or office. The matte gold eyelets lend a bit of glam to its modern look!

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Happy making!


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