Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner

November 9, 2017

Personalize your message & fabrics and use it any season!

Celebrating the seasons is as easy as hanging a festive door banner to welcome friends and family. This door banner proclaims a love for fall! It’s a great project because it can be customized to suit your style based on the fabrics and hardware you choose, and the message you craft. You’ve got options when it comes to finishes for the Dritz® swivel hooks, D-rings and rivets. Dritz® iron-on letters will communicate your message – they’re easy to apply and come in many fonts and sizes. And that bow! It’s attention-grabbing for sure.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner

Dritz® supplies:

Omnigrid® supplies:

Other supplies:

  • ½ yd of vinyl
  • ½ yd of a cotton print
  • ½ yd of a cotton solid/subtle print
  • 4” x 5” piece of shantung or cotton fabric
  • 4” x 5” piece of paper-backed iron-on adhesive
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron and pressing surface
  • Scissors
  • 24” x 5/8” wooden dowel
  • Metallic spray paint
  • Fall template (PDF to print out)

Fabric prep:


  • 2 pc: 18” x 19” for front and back banner pieces
  • 2 pc: 3” x 1” for D-ring tabs

Cotton print:

  • 1 pc: 22” x 12” for top bow
  • 2 pc: 1” x 12” bias strips for hanging straps

Cotton solid/subtle print:

  • 1 pc: 26” x 16” for bottom bow
  • 1 pc: 6 ½” x 18” for banner band

We followed the sewing instructions for this Valentine’s Day Banner with some exceptions:

  • Cut the banner to a slightly different size – 18” x 19”
  • Added a bow instead of a heart
  • Used the large hooks and D-rings for the hanging straps

Please read through the original Valentine’s tutorial, and then read the below to see how we changed the project. We have fallen in love with the transformation of this banner, and hope you will, too!

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner First, we added a fabric band to the banner, creating a place to put that fantastic bow.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner For the band:

Instead of ric-rac, we pressed the long edges of the banner band under ½” using the Ezy-Hem® gauge.

On the right side of vinyl front, we positioned the band about 2” down from the top and secured with a fabric glue stick.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner Instead of topstitching around the edges of the banner, we folded the seam allowance at the opening down and closed the opening with Instant Vinyl® adhesive.

Continue cutting and stitching banner as described in the original tutorial.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner For the bows:

Make 2 bows with the 22” x 12” and 26” x 16” pieces of fabric. Follow the instructions in this tutorial for making a bow.

Layer finished fabric pieces and accordion fold as 1 bow.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner Cut a 3” piece of ruffled elastic and wrap around the center of bows to finish. Stitch ends together.

Position and fan out bow on vinyl banner so top corner of large bow is near top edge of banner.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner Loop vinyl tabs through D-rings. Align raw edges and secure with Instant Vinyl® adhesive. Position tabs on back side of banner behind top corner of large bow; glue to keep in place.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner Mark rivet positions at each corner of large bow and each corner of vinyl banner. Cut holes with rivet hole punch at each mark. Insert and set rivets in each hole using rivet setting tools and rubber mallet.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Banner Use 1/2” bias tape maker to turn under raw edges of bias strips for hanging straps.

(Watch our video and see how easy it is to make bias tape – you’ll love it!)

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Banner Cut two 12” pieces of belting.

Glue bias strips to center of belting pieces. Allow to dry completely.

Thread strap through top of swivel hook.


Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Banner Turn under raw edges of belting and bias strip and position over other raw edge of strap. Topstitch along fold to secure strap ends. Repeat for other strap.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Banner Fuse paper-backed iron-on adhesive to back of shantung fabric. Print out “fall” template. (Note: we already mirrored the image for you.) Trace “fall” lettering onto paper-backed adhesive. Cut out, remove paper and position on vinyl banner. Add iron-on letters below “fall.”

Cover letters with a pressing cloth and fuse to vinyl.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner To hang this lovely, we spray painted a dowel rod with metallic paint. It’s a perfect match for the Dritz® copper hardware, don’t you think?

Slide the dowel through the banner’s straps, and use a standard wreath hanger to secure the dowel.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Door Banner Falling in love?

We think the combination of copper hardware and rich brown vinyl gives this a really great look.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fall Banner This door banner can be used inside, too! Look around your home – you might be surprised to discover all of the possibilities you have. You might just have to make more than one!

It’s so much fun to plan holiday and seasonal decor. We hope you found this banner transformation inspiring and would love to hear about your planned projects! Leave us a comment and let us know what you’ve got in the works.

Be sure to check out all of our wreaths & door decor, as well as our Dritz® Instagram and Facebook pages to see what we’re up to this season.

Happy sewing!


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