Refashioning: Scarf to Poncho

October 27, 2017

A terrific transformation using Dritz® sew-on toggles.

Got some extra scarves in your stash? A few minutes is all it takes to make this poncho with punch. You’ll use Dritz® sew-on toggles as fasteners on the edge of the scarf, turning it into a stylish wrap that stays put. A cool refashion that is perfectly cozy to wear.

Refashioning: Scarf to Poncho with Dritz Fasteners

Refashioning: Scarf to Poncho with Dritz Fasteners The key supplies are pretty obvious! You’ll need that extra scarf that’s stashed in your closet, plus a couple Dritz® sew-on toggle closures.

Refashioning: Scarf to Poncho using Dritz Toggle Fasteners Jump on over to Trash To Couture to see the full instructions for making the poncho, including placement tips for the toggles.

Pair your poncho with an equally easy-to-make skirt and you’re good to go!

Here are a couple additional resources for you to check out:

Tell us what you’re refashioning today!

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