DIY Fashion: Make a Pair of Boot Covers with Dritz Eyelets

October 25, 2017

Add some “wow” to your outfit or costume with this clever add-on accessory.

Can we just say, “yes, please!” These DIY boot covers are pretty amazing! Make them using Dritz® eyelets and wear them with your everyday black booties for a total transformation! It’s a unique and easy way to give your basic booties new life as a racy cosplay or Halloween accessory. Don’t miss the no-sew cloak that you can make and pair with these “boots.”

Make a Pair of DIY Boot Covers with Dritz Eyelets

Make a Pair of DIY Boot Covers with Dritz Eyelets Are you starting to get the picture? The cloak/gown and boot cover combo is really quite stunning. Full credit goes to Laura, over at Trash To Couture! She really is a marvel at creating easy pieces that are super versatile, and that work with so many different outfits and costumes.

Dritz Eyelets & Other Sewing Supplies Here’s a closer look at the Dritz® eyelets and elastic that are used to make the boot covers.

Tip: notice the Dritz® eyelet pliers? If you’ve got a pair in your stash, they come in handy for making the eyelet holes in the fabric (and if not, scissors work great, too). You’ll apply these particular eyelets with a hand tool.

Dritz Tab Closures are Great for This DIY No-Sew Cloak And that cloak. This no-sew piece comes together quickly and is fastened in the front with a Dritz®  tab closure. The skeleton hands were a spooky embellishment pulled from the stash for fun on Halloween night.


Make a DIY No-Sew Cloak and Boot Covers with Dritz Products Here’s the whole look. Pretty dramatic, huh? Jump on over to Trash To Couture and see how easy it is to make both the boot covers and the cloak/gown.

We hope you find these pieces as inspiring as we do, and that you enjoy using Dritz® products to make one-of-a-kind accessories and clothing that truly allow you to be YOU.

Here are some additional resources you might like to check out:

Have fun! And tell us about the projects you’re making!


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