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See What’s New with Dritz Quilting

July 26, 2017

Tools, kits and accessories you’ll want to know about.

Hey quilters, when is the last time you checked out Dritz® Quilting at your favorite retailer? Did you notice these fresh new faces in the mix? If not, take a look! You’ll find some exciting new tools like marking pens and pins, plus some fun accessories such as make-your-own chenille. Not a quilter yet? We’ve got you covered, too. Our beginner kit is guaranteed to get you started.

New 2017 Dritz Quilting Items

New 2017 Dritz Quilting Items Our new Easy Quilting Start to Finish kit is very appropriately named – it’s a beginner quilting kit that includes everything you need to make a quilt, start to finish.

The set includes a 36-page full-color book with 7 beginner projects, plus a rotary cutter, an acrylic gridded ruler, a marking pencil, glass head pins and hand quilting needles.

New 2017 Dritz Quilting Items This product is pretty cool! Make-your-own chenille is 5/8″ wide cotton bias fabric that you use to make your own chenille effects on a variety of sewing and quilting projects.

It comes on 20-yard rolls, and there are 6 colors available. Stitch it on, then wash and fluff to experience the look and feel of chenille!

New 2017 Dritz Quilting Items Dritz® heat erase marking pens are marking tools used during the quilting process. To remove the lines, apply heat.

The package contains 5 pens, with colors appropriate for light and dark fabrics.

New 2017 Dritz Quilting Items These flat head pins boast a fun star shape, and more! There are 6 each of pins numbered 1-10, which you’ll use to keep track of strips or blocks to sew in a particular order as your project comes together. Directional arrows are on 10 of the pins, which you’ll use to indicate pressing order. Fifteen blank pins are purely for fun!

New 2017 Dritz Quilting Items Let everyone know that your handmade creations were crafted with love. New quilt labels and twill tape are the perfect finish for your special quilt or accessory.

These two new designs round out our full collection of labels and tapes.

Want to know more? Check out Dritz® Quilting on our website and meet the rest of the gang!


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