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From Sew4Home: Use Dritz Drapery Tapes to Quickly Finish Curtains

June 16, 2017

Transforming fabric panels into curtains is easy!

Well hello, good-looking windows! It’s amazing how a window refresh can update the entire look of room. It’s even more amazing that curtains can be made pretty easily using Dritz® drapery tapes. Our friends at Sew4Home™ are really experts on the topic of window treatments. Are you ready to become an expert, too?

From Sew4Home: Finish Curtains Quickly with Dritz Drapery Tapes

Use Dritz Rod Loop Tape to Quickly Finish Make Curtains Check out this rod loop tape. Simply sew this tape onto the back of fabric panels and turn them into curtains. They look so professional and are so easy to hang!

Use Dritz Clip Ring Tape to Quickly Make Curtains Clip ring tape is also sewn onto the back of fabric panels. The tape has little openings to accommodate clip rings, ensuring that your hardware is evenly spaced, and that your curtains are hanging straight!

Use Dritz Iron-On Shirring Tape to Quickly Make Curtains Iron-on shirring tape is yet another wonder product! See it in action here – it really is easy to apply, right? Nice pleats and gathers are yours in an instant.

Ready to get started? Visit Sew4Home™ to see how to use these tapes to make a variety of curtains. Their site is packed with a variety of curtain styles, and step-by-step photography and instructions show you precisely how it’s done.

Other resources include the curtain making tutorials on our website, as well as the curtain posts we’ve shared previously.

Time to make some curtains!