Inspiration: Tassel-Making Ideas

April 25, 2017

Make your own tassels with Dritz® tassel caps + yarn, floss or leather strips.

It’s tassel time! Luckily, with a few simple supplies, these of-the-moment adornments are easy to DIY. Have fun making tassels out of a variety of fibers and fringes, then finish them off with a metal Dritz® tassel cap. Your custom tassels can then be used in so many ways: hang them on bags, necklaces, key rings and boots. Let’s not forget the opportunities for home decorating. Curtain tie backs? Yes. Pillow accents? Why not. So, are you ready to talk tassels?

Dritz Tassel Caps Hardware for Making DIY Tassels

Dritz Tassel Caps Hardware for Making DIY Tassels First off, get acquainted with the caps themselves. Currently there are six styles of caps to choose from. Take a look and notice that each has a bit of a different shape, finish and mechanism for attaching.

Check out our technique tutorial for instructions and creative design ideas. Here are some quick tips for favorite tassels …

How to DIY Tassels with Leather Fringe and Dritz Tassel Caps Leather fringe tassels:

Cut leather (real or faux) into strips to create fringe for a cool bohemian tassel. A 6″ wide piece of thin metallic leather works well with this gold tassel cap.

How to DIY Tassels with Leather Cord and Dritz Tassel Caps Leather cording tassels:

Cut cording to 2 times the desired tassel length. Tie cording pieces together in the middle of length. Insert into tassel cap.

How to Make DIY Tassels with Embroidery Floss and Dritz Tassel Caps Floss tassels:

Different caps use different amounts of floss. (This brushed brass cap shown takes 4 skeins of embroidery floss; the gunmetal cap takes 2 skeins of floss.)

When making yarn or floss tassels, use the cardboard package as your base for making the loops. Play with the loops to determine amount of fiber needed.

How to Make DIY Tassels with Embroidery Floss, Yarn, Leather Strips and Dritz Tassel Caps Aren’t they just lovely? The variegated embroidery floss makes a soft tassel with a nice depth of color. Yarns add chunky texture, while leather lends an air of sophistication.

There’s something for everyone, and the design options really are limitless!

Dritz Tassel Caps Hardware for Making DIY Tassels What to do with these pretties? Adding interest and function to bags is a no-brainer. Dangle them from straps simply because they look good, or add to a zipper to create a usable pull.

Mix and match tassel caps with other Dritz® bag hardware such as D-rings and swivel hooks to create some really cool looks.

So, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope these quick tips and ideas provide some inspiration for tassel making! Remember that complete, in-depth instructions can be found in our printable illustrated tutorial. Stay tuned for more tassel time!

Thanks to maker Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane for these cute tassels! Jennifer has contributed many popular projects to our blog.


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