Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fabric Easter Basket

April 7, 2017

Dritz® supplies + your sweet fabric = one super cute basket.

This cute-as-can-be fabric basket is easy to sew, and fun to fill with Easter treats and goodies. Perfect for kids and adults, too, this is a basket you can use year-round in your sewing room, bedroom or kitchen to store all kinds of things. Best yet, all you need to make it are two fat quarters and a length of belting. Finish it off with Dritz® cover buttons for added detail.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make an Easter Basket

Dritz® supplies:

Omnigrid® supplies:

Other supplies:

  • Fat quarter or 14” x 17” piece of fabric for outer bag (fabric A). (Note floral fabric is from On Trend by Riley Blake)
  • Fat quarter or 16” x 20” piece of fabric for lining and cover buttons (fabric B)
  • 14” x 1.5” piece for fabric for accent
  • 14” x 18 3/4” Flex Foam interfacing (Pellon®)
  • ½ yard coordinating ribbon
  • Polyester thread


  • ¼” seam allowances
  • RST = right sides together
  • SA = seam allowance
  • RSO = right side out
  • WS = wrong side  

To prep, cut the following pieces of fabric, belting and ribbon:

  • 1 pc: 14” x 17” outer panel, fabric A
  • 2 pcs: 14” x 1.5” accent, fabric B
  • 2 pcs: 14” x 9.5” lining, fabric B
  • 2 pcs: 2 ½” squares for buttons, fabric A or B
  • 1 pc: 1/2 yard polypro belting
  • 1 pc: 1/2 yard of ribbon

Dritz cover buttons The featured Dritz® items in this project are the cover buttons. The generous size of these 1-1/2″ buttons gives them extra punch on your basket.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make an Easter Basket 1) With right sides together, stitch each accent strip to the 14” ends of the outer panel. Press seams towards Fabric A. Edgestitch seams on fabric A side.

Fuse foam to WS outer panel.

2) Fold outer panel in half, matching 14” sides, RST. Be sure to line up side seams. Pin and stitch both sides, locking stitches at beginning.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make an Easter Basket 3) Place lining pieces RST.  Make a mark with a pencil 2.5” down from top on each side. Stitch each side and across bottom leaving a 4” opening at bottom. Begin stitching with a ¼” SA but ease over to ½” at the marks. Backstitch at beginning and end and at opening.

Omnigrid ruler shown measuring fabric 4) Fold corners flat with seam aligned. Use a ruler to draw a line 2.5” down from the point.

Stitch across the line. Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Sewing Project in Progress Using Dritz Pearlized Heart Pins 5) Repeat step 4 for all corners of lining and outer basket.

Sewing Project in Progress 6) Cut off the corners leaving ¼” SA. Turn basket RSO.

Dritz Fabric Covered Buttons 7) Make 2 covered buttons. Use pattern on package to trace circles on WS of fabric. Cut out circles and follow package directions to cover buttons.

(Want to see more about making cover buttons? Check out our YouTube video, review our illustrated tutorial, and see more cover button goodness on the blog. These are so easy to make, and you can use them for so many sewing, crafts and home decorating projects. Warning: you will get addicted to making cover buttons!)

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make an Easter Basket 8) To make the handle, use the glue stick to “baste” ribbon down the center of the belting. Edgestitch along both sides of the ribbon.

(If you like that Dritz® needle storage tube, check it out and see how to use it.)

Sewing Tutorial: How to Make an Easter Basket 9) Pin handle ends at the top of the basket, centered over the side seams. Stitch in place with a ⅛” SA.

Sewing Tutorial: Make an Easter Basket 10) Hand stitch buttons on basket at intersection of accent seam and side seam. Bring thread through shank twice then wrap the thread around the shank several times.  Knot the thread on the WS of basket.

Dritz Getta Grip Sewing Clips 11) Place basket inside lining, RST. Tuck handle inside, too. Align side seams. Clip in place with Getta Grip® sewing clips. Stitch around top with ¼” SA. Backstitch to secure stitching.

Sewing Tutorial: Make an Easter Basket 12) Pull basket through opening in lining. Press lining and stitch opening closed. Fold basket flat and press.

13) Tuck lining inside basket. Clip in place. Edgestitch along top of basket with ¼” SA.

Sewing Tutorial: Make an Easter Basket It’s done! Fill it with goodies and enjoy! And remember – this basket has a life beyond Easter. Based on the fabrics you choose, you can make fabric baskets to use throughout your home. They provide great storage and organization, customized to match your decorating style.

Happy Easter to you and yours!

Thanks to maker Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane for this thoughtful project. Jennifer has contributed many popular projects to our blog.


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