From Sew4Home: Make a Weekender Duffle Bag

March 30, 2017

New Dritz® hardware provides function and flair.

We’re really pumped to see the creative sewing projects that are being designed using our newest pieces of Dritz® hardware. This recent canvas weekender duffle bag from Sew4Home™ is one such project. Yes, it’s good looking. But take a closer look – can you spot the 8 different kinds of hardware it uses?

From Sew4Home: Make a Weekender Duffle Bag Did you find all the pieces?

The large hook & D-ring set and adjustable slide buckle are used on the removable strap. Rectangle rings are used on the handle. Heavy duty snaps secure the side pocket.

From Sew4Home: Make a Weekender Duffle Bag Triangle rings and swivel hooks are used on the sides of the bag to cinch it down and give it its fabulous shape. And that tassel! It’s constructed using a tassel cap and attached using a small D-ring/swivel hook set.

I know, we’ve teased you. Here are the full instructions over at Sew4Home™; jump over there and learn more about this fantastic bag. You’ll love their detailed photography and top-notch instructions.

Happy sewing to you! Hope you love this Sew4Home™ project, and the new Dritz® hardware!


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