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Dritz Bag Hardware: Best Bag-Making Parts in Five Finishes

January 31, 2017

Your bag making is looking REALLY good.

Bag makers, we’ve got something you’re going to love! Check out the coordinating collections of Dritz® bag hardware: your favorite hardware pieces, available in five fashion finishes. We’ve expanded our color collections – discover brand new finishes such as copper and gunmetal. Within each collection, you’ll find the essential bag making parts: swivel hooks, slide adjusters, rings and more. Everything coordinates; everything works together. Oh, happy day!

Dritz Bag Hardware: Five Fashion Finishes

Dritz Bag Hardware: Copper Finish We’ve got copper! This color collection is our newest.

Copper hardware includes: a variety of swivel hooks, D-rings, rectangle rings, triangle rings, adjustable slide buckles and heavy duty snaps.

Dritz Bag Hardware: Brushed Brass Finish Oh, the glow of brushed brass!

Brushed brass hardware includes: locks, tassel caps, swivel hooks, D-rings, slide adjusters and rivets.

Dritz Bag Hardware: Antique Brass Finish Add vintage details with antique brass.

Antique brass hardware includes: magnetic flower snaps, locks, swivel hooks, adjustable slide buckles, D-rings, rectangle rings, heavy duty snaps and triangle rings.

Dritz Hardware: Gunmetal Finish Introducing the sleek look of gunmetal.

Gunmetal hardware includes: swivel hooks, tassel caps, triangle rings, heavy duty snaps, rectangle rings, D-rings, adjustable slide buckles and rivets.

Dritz Bag Hardware: Nickel Finish Nickel – always a pro finish!

Nickel hardware includes: swivel hooks, tassel caps, rivets, slide adjusters, rectangle rings, triangle rings and D-rings.

Fantastic or what? We hope you’re excited to get your hands on this hardware! Bags, overalls, aprons, belts, jewelry, accessories – the design options are limitless, and now you can craft with the confidence that solid hardware options are available.

Check out all of our Dritz® sewing fasteners and plan your next project now!

Ideas? Input? Anticipation? Leave us a comment below and we’ll chat!


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