Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet

January 27, 2017

Where’d you get that cool jewelry?

Isn’t it great to get a compliment about something you’re wearing? Isn’t it even better when that something is handmade?! These DIY cuff bracelets are so cool, and so easy to make, you’ll want more than one. You’ll use a Dritz® awl and embroidery floss to create the designs on the cuffs. Heavy duty snap fasteners are the perfect closure – easy to install, with a professional finish.

Craft Tutorial: Make a Cuff Bracelet

Dritz® supplies:

Omnigrid® supplies:

Other supplies:

  • Leather strap (approximately 1-1/4″ wide x 8″ long; note that length will be determined by wrist size)
  • Embroidery floss
  • Hammer

Dritz Heavy Duty Snaps and Awl These are the two key Dritz® supplies you’ll use to make the leather cuff bracelets. The heavy duty snap fasteners are available in several finishes so you can pick your favorite. The awl is a handy tool that you’ll use to make the holes for stitching through.

Of course, the leather strap is pretty important, too!

Omnigrid Ruler, Rotary Cutter and Mat 1) Measure your wrist and add 2″ to calculate the length of your cuff. Example: wrist is 6″ + 2″ = 8″ leather strap.

2) Cut the leather strap to length with a rotary cutter. (Use a ruler to hold the strap in place as you cut.)

Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet 3) Align 1/2″ mark on ruler with the edge of the strap and use awl to mark holes in half inch increments leaving 2″ unmarked at each end.

Make 2 rows of markings on a hard surface such as your cutting mat.

Once your holes are marked, twist the awl into the leather to make the holes larger. Hold onto the leather strap as you are doing so, but take care not to poke yourself.

Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet 4) Cut an 18″ length of embroidery floss (use all 6 strands); knot the floss and stitch your design. When complete, knot your floss on the underside of the cuff.

Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet 5) To install the snaps, mark the placement of the pronged snap on one end of the cuff by pressing the prongs into the leather.

Use the awl to make holes in the leather large enough for the prongs to poke through.

Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet 6) Use the snap tool to install the snap cap and socket following the package directions.

7) Mark the placement of the remaining snap parts on the opposite end of the cuff by placing the cuff on your arm. Note a comfortable fit and install the stud and open ring following steps 5-6.

Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet That’s it! Take a quick moment to admire your handiwork!
Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet Aren’t they fun? Using the awl and a variety of floss colors, you can create any number of designs for these beauties.

Easy Crafts: Make a Leather Cuff Bracelet Funky.




We’re thrilled to have Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane joining us again in 2017. Jennifer has contributed many popular projects to our blog – we’re looking forward to another year of making!


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