Inspiration: Creative Uses for Dritz Elastics

December 19, 2016

PJ bottoms, doll clothes & accessories – oh my!

‘Tis the season for crafting with Dritz® elastics! There are a couple of elastic styles that are just perfect for the kinds of sewing projects you might be making right now. Elastic waist PJ bottoms for Christmas morning? Check. Fold-over elastic for doll clothes? Yes. Metallics for elastic-waist party skirts? You got it. Continue reading and learn more about the elastics you need for holiday sewing.

Inspiration: Creative Uses for Dritz Sewing Elastic

Dritz Waistband Elastics Woven 1-1/2″ Dritz® waistband elastic is soft and comfortable. There are 7 on-trend colors available, perfect for sewing projects like PJ bottoms, boxer shorts and skirts – a must when you want the elastic to really stand out!

Dritz Waistband Elastics SNEAK PEEK! The woven 2″ Dritz® waistband elastic is even wider, so it’s sure to make a statement. It sits comfortably at the waist; it lays flat and does not roll. There are 7 fashion colors to choose from (note: this style will be available in February 2017).

Dritz Waistband Elastics Cozy time! Use both the 1-1/2″ and 2″ wide styles of elastic to make easy-sew PJ bottoms and lounge pants. Talk about comfortable!

We made the pair with the tile blue elastic using McCalls® sewing pattern 6458. Make the pair with dinosaur scales using orange elastic.

Use Dritz Fold-Over Elastic to Make Your Own Doll Clothes Let your little one’s doll in on the action! We made these 18″ doll pants using McCalls® sewing pattern 5019 and finished the waist with Dritz® 5/8″ fold-over elastic.

(If you’re not familiar with fold-over elastic, you’ll love using it for many types of projects, many of which require very light sewing. It’s a super versatile sewing and crafting material!)

Dritz Metallic Waistband Elastic is Great for Skirts Party time! Nobody wants to be twinning at holiday gatherings, so here’s how to avoid that: make your own festive skirt!

Dritz® metallic waistband elastics are 1-3/4″ wide and have metallic threads woven through them. The metallic elastics provide a sturdy waistband with lots of shimmer. Go ahead, dance the night away!

Dritz Jacquard Elastic is Perfect for Easy-Sew Accessories You saw it here first! Brand new Dritz® jacquard elastics are coming in February 2017. We just love the look of these! There will be four styles to choose from. We tested it out on our arm-band phone pouch project – perfect for all those fitness resolutions we’ll soon be making …

Get Inspired to Make Easy Sewing Projects with Dritz Elastics So, are you inspired yet? Take a look at all of our Dritz® elastics and elastic sewing/crafting projects. So many choices! So much fun!

Tell us what you have made using Dritz® elastics. We’d love to hear from you!


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