Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket

October 18, 2016

No tricks here – just one super cute project!

If standard issue Halloween decorations are not your thing, check out this easy-sew treats basket. It’s a fun way to store candy and snacks for trick-or-treating, but it’s also a festive way to house supplies for parties or tabletop display. Choose fun fabric and ribbon trim; you’ll make the handles using Dritz® eyelets. Best thing about it? Nobody’s going to have one just like it!

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket

Dritz® supplies:

Omnigrid® supplies:

Other supplies:

  • 3 coordinating cotton fabrics
    • 1/4 yd fabric for outer bands
    • 1/4 yd fabric for center
    • 3/8 yd fabric for lining
  • ½ yard of fusible foam stabilizer
  • 26” length of 1″ wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Hammer

Fabric prep:

Orange fabric:

  • 2 pc: 2” x 14” for top band (piece A)
  • 2 pc: 2.5” x 14” for bottom band (piece C)

Pumpkin fabric:

  • 2 pc: 5.5” x 14” for center of basket (piece B)

Lining fabric

  • 2 pc: 10” x 14” for lining (piece D)

Foam stabilizer

  • 2 pc: 9” x 14” for outer basket

Other notes:

You can use fusible fleece. However, the basket will not have as much structure.

All seams are ¼” unless otherwise noted

SA= seam allowance

Dritz Sewing Supplies: Eyelets & Easy Grasp Pins Two Dritz items we want to make sure you know about!

The eyelet kit is handy because it includes the eyelets and the tool. You’ll use this to secure the ribbon handles. Eyelets are a great piece of hardware for bags & totes of all shapes and sizes.

Easy Grasp pins? That’s right. Wait until you start working with them. They’re simply fantastic, and relatively new. Look for them wherever you buy pins!

Halloween Fabric for Sewing a Treat Basket 1) Stitch band A to top edge of piece B, right sides together.

Stitch band C to lower edge of AB, right sides together. Press seams flat towards top and bottom bands.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 2) Edgestitch along top and bottom band seams.

Repeat steps 1 & 2 with remaining basket fabric pieces.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 3) Fuse foam stabilizer to outer basket panels following manufacturer’s directions.

Use Omnigrid® ruler to mark 2” squares at bottom corners of outer basket panels and lining panels.

Cut away squares.

(Take a look at the vintage embroidery scissors we used in this step.)

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 4) Place outer basket panels right sides together. Align side seams. Pin. Stitch sides and across bottom. Do NOT stitch around cutaways.

5) Place lining panels right sides together. Pin.

Make a mark 2” down from the top on each side with a marking pen.

Stitch sides with ¼” SA at the top of the lining panels. When you reach the mark, gradually move to ½” SA as you stitch down lining sides.

Stitch across bottom with ½” SA.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 6) To make bottom flat, fold corners and align side and bottom seams together. Stitch across raw edges with ¼” SA for outer panel and ½” SA for lining panel. Turn both stitched pieces right side out.

Use a Dritz Ezy Hem Gauge for Sewing Projects  7) Use the Ezy-Hem® gauge to press top edge of lining fabric under ½”.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 8) Place lining fabric inside outer basket, wrong sides together.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 9) Fold lining over another ½” encasing raw edges of basket.

10) Hold lining in place with Getta Grip® sewing clips.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 11) Edgestitch along edge of lining band with ⅛” SA in coordinating thread.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 12) Install eyelets on each side of basket following this Dritz® tutorial.

Dritz Fray Check Liquid Seam Sealant 13) Cut ribbon into two (2) 13” pieces. Apply Fray Check® to ends of each piece.

Pro tip: If you’re not familiar with this handy seam sealant, you’re in for a treat. You can use it on fabric, ribbon, burlap (and more!) to stop fraying. It’s a fan favorite!

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Basket 14) Thread ribbon through eyelets and tie in a double knot inside the basket. Pull tightly to secure.

Halloween Crafts: Make an Easy-Sew Treats Bucket You’re done!

Fill up your treats basket with Halloween candy or snacks, and you’re ready for those trick-or-treaters! It’s nice and roomy and holds lots of loot!

Simple, easy and FUN decor!

Tell us what you’re making for Halloween! Do you focus more on costumes or decorations? We’d love to hear from you.

Thanks to Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane for making this super fun and functional treats basket for us. Jennifer has contributed many popular projects to our blog – you’ll have a hard time picking out a favorite!


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