Dritz Espadrilles: Wedges Three Ways

July 20, 2016

Fun summer sewing with design options galore.

Espadrilles: we just can’t get enough of them at the moment! They are the quintessential summer shoe, and when you can make your own, they’re better than ever. We’re having fun with a variety of looks using our new Dritz® Espadrilles wedge soles. Check ’em out!

Dritz Espadrilles: Wedges Three Ways

Dritz Espadrilles: Introducing Wedge Soles

First, a bit about the Dritz® Espadrilles wedge soles. They’re available in adult full sizes 5-10. They’re packed with features such as a 2-7/8″ jute heel, a fabric-covered inner sole, and a heavy duty rubber sole.

Dritz Espadrilles: Introducing Wedge Soles

We offer a full selection of lining fabrics and outer fashion fabrics – or you can use the fabrics of your choice. It’s important to know that most fashion fabrics are too lightweight for making Dritz® Espadrilles. That is easily remedied using a fusible lightweight woven interfacing. Just apply it to your fashion fabric before cutting out the patterns.

You’ll still need to use our iron-on stabilizer to prepare your fabric for espadrille making.

Dritz Espadrilles: Patterns & Instructions

Speaking of patterns, we’ve got them for you! Here are the full instructions and sewing patterns for constructing DIY espadrilles using our wedge soles.

View them online, and then print them using legal-sized paper – it’s easy because home printers do accommodate legal sized paper.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: Introducing Wedge Soles

Now for the design options!

How about some beading?

This wedge uses a basic strap, but is made extra special with a row of beading across the toe. How’d we do it? Simply hand stitch the beads onto the toe fabric after it is constructed, but before the toe is stitched to the sole.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: Introducing Wedge Soles (embellish with loops & lacing)

Ooooh … look at the loops & lacing!

Here, we added fabric loops to the toe and strap positions, and laced them with fabric tubes. Narrow piping gives the toe and heel a defined look.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: Introducing Wedge Soles (embellish with pom-poms)

Cheer for pom-poms!

After we constructed the shoe parts, we simply glued the pom-poms to the edges of the heel and toe with Liquid Stitch™ fabric glue. Using ribbon instead of a strap just adds to the cuteness!

Dritz Espadrilles DIY Shoe Making (3 styles wedges)

You like? The design options are limitless! We’ve seen some fantastic ideas on social media. Check Dritz® out on Instagram, and take a look at #DritzEspadrilles – your fellow creatives have been making some pretty cool shoes! Join the party – remember to use the tag when you make your own!

Check out all the Dritz® Espadrilles content here on our blog. And don’t forget to check out the full line of products on our website.

Happy making!


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