Sewing Tutorial: Make an English Paper Piecing Wall Hanging

June 16, 2016

Isn’t it be-YOU-tiful?!

Want to lounge by the lake or pool, but still stay creative? Have a teen who needs something to do on a long car trip? English paper piecing is the answer – it’s an ideal summer sewing activity because it’s portable. You can make the pieces on-the-go using Dritz® paper piecing shapes, and then turn them into a finished accessory later. This wall hanging is simple, but stylish – sure to be the star of any wall gallery. The cheery message is hand stitched and brightens any space! It’s be-YOU-tiful indeed!

Make an English Paper Piecing Wall Hanging

Dritz® supplies:

Other supplies:

  • 13 pcs: 4” x 4” fabric squares for tumblers
  • 1 pc: 15” x 15” fabric square for background
  • 1 pc: 14” x 14” lightweight fusible stabilizer (Such as Fairfield™ Stabilize Lightweight)
  • Scissors
  • Starch
  • 12” embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss
  • Pinking shears
  • Coordinating thread

Dritz English Paper Piecing Shapes 1) Apply lightweight interfacing to the wrong side of the background fabric panel.

2) Cut the 13 fabric pieces so they are 3/8” larger than the tumbler paper pieces.

Dritz English Paper Piecing Shapes. 3) Follow this English Paper Piecing tutorial for instructions on how to baste the tumbler paper pieces. We used glue to baste the ones you see here.

Dritz English Paper Piecing Shapes. 4) Arrange the pieces as desired.

Hand stitching Dritz English Paper Piecing Shapes 5) By hand, stitch the long edges of the paper pieces together using a whipstitch to form the ring. Spray lightly with starch and press.

Removing the paper pieces from an English Paper Piecing project 6) Remove paper pieces and press ring again.

The hole in the middle of the paper piecing shape makes it easy to remove the paper pieces with a stiletto or crochet hook.

English Paper Piecing project in progress 7) Position the ring on the fabric panel. With the center of the ring as a guide, write the words you wish to embroidery in the center opening using a Mark-B-Gone™ marking pen.

The word be-YOU-tiful hand stitched 8) Place background fabric in the embroidery hoop and stitch the words using embroidery floss.

Remove Mark-B-Gone™ pen marks with water. Let dry.

English Paper Piecing project in progress 9) Center the ring around the words on the fabric panel. Pin in place.

English Paper Piecing Project in Progress 10) Edgestitch tumbler ring in place at inside and outside edges.

How to insert paper piecing project into hoop frame 11) Center fabric in the hoop and pull taut. Tighten hoop. Use pinking shears to trim fabric leaving 1.5” overhang.

Baste along the outer edge of the fabric with a long running stitch. Pull thread to gather fabric edges toward the center of the hoop. Tie thread ends in a knot to secure.

Sewing Tutorial: Make an English Paper Piecing Wall Hanging Cute, huh?

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Huge thanks to our friend, Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane, who designed and made this wall hanging for us. Jennifer is contributing regularly to our blog and we are absolutely thrilled with the design aesthetic and creativity she brings to her sewing projects! Check out all the projects she’s made for us here.


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