Easy Crafts: Elastic Headbands & Bracelets

April 19, 2016

New Dritz® fold-over elastic prints make these even more fabulous.

Check out these new prints! We just launched 18 new styles of our popular Dritz® fold-over elastic. You’ll use colorful fold-over elastic to craft a variety of quick and easy accessories like hair ties and bracelets. Three styles feature reversible, no-slip designs that are perfect for making headbands that stay put. More choices = more fun!

Easy Crafts: Elastic Headbands & Bracelets using Dritz Fold-Over Elastic with fun prints

Printed Dritz Fold-Over Elastic for sewing, crafts & DIY Here they are! Look for our full range of fold-over elastics in the sewing department or online. New prints include chevron, scroll, ombre, quatrefoil and more!

Fun stuff!

Easy Crafts: Elastic Headbands using Dritz Fold-Over Elastic with fun no-slip prints This is cool!

No-slip designs make this elastic a great choice for headbands. Wear the printed side out for fashion fun or flip over when extra grip is needed. They are also good for making no-slip straps on camisoles.

Three styles feature the no-slip design; choose from no-slip stars, polka dots and hearts.

Dritz Elastic Hair Ties Make the Perfect Gift And you can never have too many hair ties can you? These are so easy to make – just cut the elastic to desired length and tie it. Use a little Fray Check® to prevent the ends from fraying.

Hair ties make great handmade gifts, too! Whip up a bunch and create a customized tag … Best. Gift. Ever.

Easy Crafts: Elastic Bracelets using Dritz Fold-Over Elastic with fun prints Weaving plastic rings is a quick and easy way to step up your elastic bracelets. Start with two 3/4” rings about 12” from end of a ½ yard piece of elastic. Bring long elastic end over first ring and through the second ring. Loop elastic end back over second ring and through first ring; pull tight. Continue to add rings as desired. Tie ends together to fit wrist. (Like that ombre elastic? It’s here.)

Check out all of our fun project ideas using Dritz® fold-over elastic. It’s a great material for a variety of easy projects.

What are you going to make today?


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