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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Sew-on Toggles

February 9, 2016

Add dynamite DIY details to scarves, tops & wraps – easy to sew on, fun to wear.

Winter is packing a late punch, and we’re ready for it! Our brand new Dritz® sew-on toggles are awesome for adding personality to store-bought scarves and wraps. Not only do they look great, but they help to keep scarves perfectly in place, keeping you warm and toasty. Toggle fasteners are all the rage on the runway – we’ve seen them popping up on skirts, bags, tops and capes. Check them out!

Add DIY details to blanket scarves & wraps with Dritz sew-on toggles

New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Sew-on Toggles (4 different colors)

Here’s a closer look at our new Dritz® sew-on toggles. Each is made of a faux leather material with pre-punched stitching holes. They’re available in four colors:

Dritz Sew-on Toggle shown on a blanket scarf

Can you tell we’re crushing on blanket scarves? We had fun giving each scarf a different look based on how we placed the toggle.

On this one we folded the scarf, and placed the toggle in the middle of its length, to wear the scarf long and flowing. 

Dritz Sew-on Toggle shown on a blanket scarf

Double the fun! For this scarf, we added two toggles. We also unfolded the scarf to provide more coverage, wearing it more like a cape.

You can also mix and match toggle colors.

Dritz Sew-on Toggle shown on a blanket scarf

We wrapped this scarf more traditionally and placed the toggle at the end of its length, for lots of impact.

Can you say cozy? 

Dritz Sew-on Toggle shown on a blanket wrap

This piece is actually a wrap – it was difficult to wear because it wouldn’t stay put. Toggle to the rescue! Now it stays in place and doesn’t slip off.

Dritz Sew-on Toggles showing 3 different stitching methods

To sew on the toggles, use 6 strands of embroidery floss or 1 strand of pearl cotton, and a crewel hand sewing needle.

Take a look at the different stitches we used to sew on the toggles.

We used a backstitch on the top toggle – it gives a machine-stitched look.

Using a running stitch through every hole produces a dashed line of stitches (bottom left).

Whip stitching over the edges of the toggle is a little less formal (bottom right).

Choose a contrasting thread for more interest!

Dritz Sew-on Toggle on a cardigan sweater

Here’s a store-bought cardigan that needed some interest. The toggle adds nice contrast and also acts as a functional closure.

Dritz Sew-on Toggle shown on a refashioned T-shirt

Got a shapeless top that could be more flattering? We refashioned this basic shirt, adding a short piece of elastic at its waist to draw it in. The toggle provides a decorative accent over the gathers.

Use Dritz Liquid Stitch to shorten a sew-on toggle

Here’s a tip when you’re working with the toggles. If you find you need to shorten them, just pull the glued loops off the back of the tab. Cut to the desired length and re-glue onto the back of the tab. Loops will be further secured during stitching.

Are you inspired? Are you ready to add Dritz® sew-on toggles to a project in progress, or a ready-made garment that needs some love? Tell us! We want to hear how you’d use these toggles!


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