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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Pins, Snaps & More!

February 5, 2016

Brand new sewing goodies you need to know about.

It’s so much fun talking about new products! But it’s even more exciting to hear your reactions to them! We’ve been sharing information about our new Dritz® sewing items via our social media spaces this week, and your response has been super! We’ve got unique pins that are packed with function, storage tools to keep you organized, and fashion fasteners, too. Take a look!

New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: Pins, Snaps, Needle Tubes and Suspender Slides


New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: 36" Tape Measure

You are going to love this new tape measure. In a convenient 36″ length, you no longer have to fight with an over-sized tape measure for smaller projects. It truly is a flexible yard stick! 

This tape measure includes yardage and inch markings on one side and a centering ruler on the other. You can use the centering ruler for appliqué and lettering placement, décor positioning and more!

New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: Easy Grasp Pins

A new pin? Yes, these Easy Grasp™ pins have unique elongated pin heads that provide more area to grasp and grip. The fine shaft in our most popular length makes it a great pin for many applications. This pin is perfect for beginner and seasoned sewists alike!

New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: Needle Storage Tubes

Do you ever have trouble locating just the right needle for the job? Maybe your needles are mixed in with your straight pins. Here’s a solution for needles gone awry – needle storage tubes to store needles by type!

These small clear tubes are designed just for needles. A sliding magnet in each tube keeps needles from falling out, and lets you fan needles for easy selection. The tubes accommodate needles that are up to 2-1/2″ in length; a complete package of Dritz® needles will fit in a tube. Clear identification labels are included in the package so you can label your loaded tubes. 

New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: Sew-On Magnetic Snaps

Here’s a sew-on magnetic snap that’s functional and pretty. You can add this snap to a sewing project in progress, or to a store-bought bag or tote that needs a closure. It’s versatile because you’ll apply it on top of the fabric (not inside the fabric, like our other magnetic snaps). Sew it on using a fun color thread – your functioning snap is as pretty as a flower!

New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: Suspender Slides

New Dritz® suspender slides give you yet another hardware option for making easy-sew suspenders. The slides make suspenders adjustable because they move easily on the suspender strap, and then fold down and lock in place. 

The other parts you’ll need to make suspenders are clips and 1″ knit elastic.  

New Dritz Sewing Supplies 2016: Bulb Pins

What? A safety pin without a coil? You got it. Our new bulb pins do not have the coil that’s found on traditional safety pins, which means no catching or snagging. The bulb pins are ideal for makers labeling garments or craft projects for fairs and markets. Each package includes an assortment of black and silver pins.

These new Dritz® items are just a few of the new things you’ll see popping up in the sewing department at your favorite retail store at the end of this month. Stay tuned for more item information and inspiration to come. We’ll be sharing it here and via all of our social media spaces.

So, what do you think? Do you see some new sewing items you’d like to try? Let us know! We’d love to hear which is your favorite so far!


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