Sewing Tutorial: Make a Fabric Notebook Cover

August 19, 2015

A fun way to use some of your favorite fabrics!

Fabric hoarders unite! Pull out that stash of fabrics and settle into this easy sewing project that will have you organized and looking good at the same time. You’ll use some basic Dritz® sewing supplies and your favorite fabrics to construct this fabric notebook cover. Peekaboo! Don’t miss the side zipper pocket – great for stashing your phone, cash or an extra house key.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

Gather your fabric and these basic sewing supplies:

  • 2/3 yard of fabric for outside of notebook
  • 1/3 yard of fabric for lining of notebook
  • 1/3 yard of medium-weight interfacing
  • Omnigrid® rotary cutter, ruler and mat
  • Dritz® point turner
  • Dritz® Wash Away™ Wonder Tape
  • 9″ zipper
  • Straight pins
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Iron

Note: this will make a cover for a standard 8″ x 6″ notebook.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

1) Cut your fabric into the following pieces:

  • 1pc outside print, 14″ x 10″
  • 1pc lining print, 14″ x 10″
  • 1pc interfacing, 14″ x 10″
  • 2pcs outside print, 4-1/2″ x 10″ (for inside flaps)
  • 2pcs lining print, 5″ x 10″ (for pocket)
  • 1pc outside print, 2″ x 2″ (zipper end)

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

2) You’ll start with the flaps for the inside of the cover. Fold one 10″ side under 1/4″ and stitch to hem. Repeat for the other flap.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

3) Place the two flaps on top of the lining, aligning the left and right sides.

Pin and stitch the outside three edges of the flaps to the lining with a 1/8″ or narrow zigzag stitch. Set aside.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

4) Press the 2″ piece of fabric in half to create a center fold as a guide. Unfold the fabric, and press the raw edges in to meet the center fold.

Insert the end of zipper into the fabric fold. Center, and stitch along folded edges by zipper.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

5) Place the assembled lining layer on your work table right side up. Center the zipper, right side down, along 10″ outside edge of flap. Align edge of zipper with raw edge of flap. Pin in place.

Fold the beginning end of the zipper up and place a small piece of the Wash Away™ tape in the fold.

Position one pocket piece on top, right sides together. Pin and stitch layers together with the zipper foot on your machine.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

6) Open stitched pieces and press down to expose the zipper. Topstitch the folded fabric edges along the zipper.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

7) Now let’s work on the other side. Layer the interfacing on the table with the outside fabric on top, right side up.

Place the assembled zipper piece next, flap side down. Then, lastly, the other pocket piece, right side down on top. Repeat steps 5 & 6 to assemble like you did the first side of the zipper.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Notebook Cover

8) To assemble the cover, unzip the zipper, and lay cover and lining on top of each other, right sides together. Fold the pocket pieces out flat and pin around the entire cover (including pocket pieces). Leave a 4-5″ opening at the opposite end of the pocket. Stitch the layers together with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Clip the corners diagonally to eliminate bulk.

9) Reach down through the opening and turn it right side out by grabbing the pocket on the other end. Use the point turner to get the corners as square as possible.

10) While the pocket is still pulled out, topstitch the three sides without a zipper. Push the pocket down past the zipper.

What to do next? Insert a standard 8″ x 6″ notebook and you’re good to go. Stylish and organized – we like it!


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