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Dritz Espadrilles: The Product Scoop

July 23, 2015

Learn how the Dritz Espadrilles products work.

Okay fashionistas, you’re in LOVE with espadrilles, right? They’re everywhere from runways to beach shops, but guess what? The new collection of Dritz® Espadrilles products lets you make your own pair of these chic, yet casual, kicks in just about two hours. Yes, DIY shoemaking it is! Learn more about the products for sewing your own espadrilles: we’ve got the essential jute soles, a super selection of fabrics, plus a few well curated sewing supplies that are necessary for sewing espadrilles. Yay, summer sewing!

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (jute soles)

The Dritz® Espadrilles soles are a must-have! 

Find them in toddler shoe sizes 3-11, kids shoe sizes 2-5, and adult shoe sizes 6-10. All styles are full size only. Each package has full instructions and sewing patterns included for the range of shoe sizes available. 

TIP: all of the information in the packaging is also included on our website – just check out the webpage for the specific shoe size you’re looking for.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (the fabrics)

The Dritz® collection includes coordinating fabrics for the lining of the espadrilles and the exterior of the shoes. All of the fabrics are durable 100% cotton. 

Got a fabric of your own you’d like to try? Go for it! You can use the fabric of your choice when making espadrilles.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (iron-on stabilizer)

To stabilize the heels (recommended) and toes (optional) of your espadrilles, check out our iron-on stabilizer. You’ll iron it onto your lining before you construct your shoes. There are sewing patterns included in each sole package, which have patterns for the stabilizer for each shoe size.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (creative yarns)

The Dritz® yarns work nicely with our range of fabrics, whether you choose a coordinating or contrasting color. It’s the ideal weight for sewing espadrilles, and works with a variety of needles for ease of stitching. It’s strong enough to sustain the wear and tear of shoes! 

Sewing espadrilles requires a long piece of yarn and lots of stitches per shoe. Use the yarn wax to strengthen yarn and prevent tangling when stitching fabric to soles – just pull the cut piece of yarn through the wax.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (point turner)

The bamboo point turner is a helpful tool to really make your fabric points sharp and crisp. You’ll use it after you’ve sewn your lining and outer fabrics together – it’ll help you turn your fabric perfectly!

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (glass head pins)

Our glass head pins will help you place your fabric on the soles, and hold it in place as you hand stitch the fabric to the soles. They are long and strong – ideal for penetrating the jute soles of the espadrilles.

Dritz DIY Espadrilles: The Product Scoop (needles and needle puller)

The Dritz® needle pullers allow you to tightly grip and more comfortably pull needles through the soles as you’re hand stitching. The silicone grippers come in a package of two pieces; you’ll wear one on your thumb and one on your index finger for the best grip.  

Use a blanket stitch to attach fabrics to soles by hand.

So, what do you think? This is a brand new product line – a real innovation for sewists looking for something new to make!

Got questions? No problem! Drop us a comment below. We’d love to talk espadrilles with you, and help you get started!


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