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New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures

March 6, 2015

Decorative or functional – super fashionable, either way!

Don’t you love these new Dritz® tab closures? You can use them on a variety of hand-sewn garments and accessories (think bags, dresses, capes and skirts). And if you have a store-bought item that needs some extra detail, these closures do the trick. Isn’t modern sewing great? So many options to make your creations fabulous!

New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures


New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures There are two styles of tab closures to choose from: a brown tab with a buckle, and a black tab with a snap. Both are faux leather. They can be machine washed and dried.

New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures So, how do you apply these tabs? Before you sew them on, apply Dritz® double-faced sewing and craft tape to the underside of tab ends. Place the tab between the stitches as shown. Remove the tape’s backing and position the tab as desired. TIP: If possible, it’s easier to apply the tab before your garment is complete.

New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures; Using Dritz® invisible thread, stitch directly over tab’s stitching to secure the tab to fabric. Start at point of tab and sew as far as possible along the edge of the tab. Backstitch to secure stitching. Begin at tab point again and stitch other side. For tab with buckle, unbuckle closure before stitching buckle side of tab.

New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures We used the brown buckle tab on this bag. It’s purely decorative, but adds some really nice detail, don’t you think?

New Dritz Sewing Supplies: Tab Closures We used four of the black snap tabs on this dress. Again, the tabs are decorative, but they provide some real interest when placed on top of the tucks on this dress. Like the dress? It’s McCalls pattern M6958.

Tell us how you’re using the tab closures. If you have a pattern or project they work particularly well with, tell us about it! We’d love to see some comments below.

Happy sewing!


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