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Dritz Loran Embroidery Supplies

December 31, 2014

Stay organized and comfortable while you stitch.

Do you know about all the Dritz® Loran® needlecraft items that can help you while you stitch? If you like embroidery, cross stitch, crewel or needlepoint, you definitely need to become acquainted with Loran®. You’ll find products that help you organize your work space, and that assist you in working your projects comfortably and efficiently. Check them out!

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies Loran® needlecraft products include clever items for stitchery organization and storage, as well as a bunch of innovative tools that help you out as you work (think threaders, magnifiers, magnet boards and stands).

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies Is your floss or wool collection a mess? Keep it together with a system of cards – there’s a place for everything! The needlework project card has large holes for wool; the needleholder card keeps 12 pre-threaded needles ready for use; the cross stitch project card holds floss for individual projects; use multiple master cards to house your entire floss collection. Wow – now that’s organization!

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies To easily work cross stitch designs, set up a work space that includes a magnet board, stand and line magnifier. Talk about happy eyes!

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies Once you try this needle threader, you will definitely agree – it’s the best! How do you use it? First, slip the threader through the eye of your needle and rest the needle in the groove as shown. Next, loop your thread around the threader’s hook. Now just pull the thread through the eye of the needle. Perfect!

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies Our new sure grip hoops come in two sizes: 4″ hoop and 7″ hoop. The hoops have rounded edges that help to prevent fabric distortion. They hold fabric taut for even stitches. Nice work, huh?

Dritz LoRan Embroidery Supplies - This nifty little item has been a fan favorite! It’s the needle puller and you wear it on your thumb to make gripping and pulling needles more comfortable. There are two pullers per package and you can wear one solo (thumb only), or simultaneously on your thumb and a finger – whatever feels best to you!

So, did you discover some new items? What’s your favorite stitchery item and why? We’d love to know!

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