Sewing Tutorial: Make Embroidered Cover Buttons

December 30, 2014

Fast, fun and fabulous.

Want to quickly update a jacket, top or accessory? Think about changing out the buttons. Cover buttons are a clever solution, because you can choose pretty much any fabric print or color. Here we’ve taken basic fabric covered buttons and enhanced them with embroidery. So although fabric covered buttons are pretty cool, embroidered cover buttons have additional textural interest. Fun, huh?

How to Make Embroidered Cover Buttons

We had a great time making the buttons shown above! Here are some examples of what we did:

  • On one button, we simply embroidered on top of a fabric print (the flower with the pink/yellow center and green petals is an example);
  • On others, we used the LoRan® petal template to embroider perfectly shaped flowers on fabric (the two small pink buttons with pink flowers are examples);
  • We made one cover button with a simple felt flower/button embellishment;
  • We printed the letter “B” and traced it onto a piece of fabric; next we embroidered on top of it to create the monogram cover button;
  • And we centered a small cross stitch bee on one of the buttons.

How to Make Embroidered Cover Buttons Regardless of which route you take with your embroidery, you want to make sure that you complete your design first. Once your design is finished, use a Dritz® cover button template to make sure your design will be perfectly centered on your button. Remember to choose the template size that matches your cover button size. Trace and cut your fabric.

How to Make Embroidered Cover Buttons Hook the fabric into the button’s teeth at the top, bottom and sides.

How to Make Embroidered Cover Buttons Smooth the fabric with your finger making sure it’s “hooked,” and then snap the back of the button into place.

How to Make Embroidered Cover Buttons Admire your finished button – isn’t it just perfect?

In this tutorial, we used the Dritz® cover buttons that have teeth. There are also Dritz® cover buttons that do not have teeth, and that use a pusher and a mold to attach the button parts. Find full details on the various cover button styles that are available here, and also refer to our cover button technique tutorial for additional how-to information.

The bottom line is that there are many things that you can do with cover buttons, and embroidered cover buttons have even more personality.

Let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you.


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