Sewing Tutorial: Make Mitten Clips for your Kids

November 21, 2014

And say bye-bye to lost mittens (and cold hands)!

Y’all this is such an easy project – and super functional! I don’t know what it’s been like in your neck of the woods, but here in South Carolina it has been cold, cold this week. I’ve been sending my little guy to school with mittens, and sometimes they come home, sometimes they don’t. Well this easy-sew project increases those chances! You need Dritz elastic and mitten clip hardware, and no more than 30 minutes … go!

Sewing Tutorial: Easy-sew Mitten Clips for your Kids

The sewing supplies you need are:

Sewing Tutorial: Make Mitten Clips for you Kids 1) Measure from wrist to wrist, up arm and across shoulders. Add 2″ to this measurement and cut elastic to this length.

2) Apply Fray Check to cut ends. Insert 1″ of elastic in clip loop. Pin and stitch square with an “X” to secure. Repeat at the other end with the second clip.

Sewing Tutorial: Make Mitten Clips for you Kids 3) Thread elastic strap through one sleeve of jacket, across shoulders, and through the second sleeve.

4) Attach mittens to clips.

5) Stay warm and toasty!

We’d love to chat with you! Leave a comment and give us some ideas for more easy-sew winter projects. Thanks!

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