Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat

October 22, 2014

A spooky addition to your holiday party or decorating.

Are you still adding the finishing touches to your Halloween porch? We love this cheesecloth bat! It’s easy to DIY with Dritz cheesecloth and Dylon® fabric dye. This little guy also loves to party! Make a few and hang them throughout your home – guests will love.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat

Craft supplies you’ll need:

  • 4″ foam ball
  • Dritz® cheesecloth, 12 yards
  • Dylon® permanent fabric dye, black
  • Black spray paint
  • 3″ square of black felt (for ears)
  • Dritz® Liquid Stitch™ original fabric glue
  • Metal hanger
  • Black tape
  • Black ribbon
  • Straight pins
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Mixing bowl, measuring cup, spoon, salt, hot water, plastic tub (for dye bath)
  • Dritz® Getta Grip® sewing clips (or clothes pins)

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 1) Spray the foam ball with black spray paint for the bat’s head. Let dry. TIP: Insert 3-6 straight pins into the ball to create a temporary tripod, so it doesn’t roll around.

2) Following the instructions on the dye’s package, prepare your dye bath and start dyeing your cheesecloth.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 3) To create the frame for the bat, cut the bottom portion of your hanger in the center.

Wrap the ends with black tape, so it doesn’t snag the cheesecloth or poke through.

Bend the two sides outward to create the wings. Spray it with black paint.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 4) While ball and wire frame are drying, create the ears.

Cut a 3″ square of felt in half diagonally, to create two triangles.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 5) Squeeze a dot of Liquid Stitch™ in the center of the longest side of felt triangle, fold it in half and clip closed. Let dry.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 6) Fold and stitch the ears as shown to finish the ears and to create a flat surface to glue them to the head.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 7) Stitch through the button holes a few times with thread. This is to create the “eyes.” This will also give the eyes the appearance that they’ve been sewn on, when really they’ll be glued to the head.

8) When the cheesecloth is dry, cut it into four 3-yard strips.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 9) Cut the hook off the hanger by cutting 2″ above the twisted wire on the hanger. Place two strips of cheesecloth over the wire wings, then insert the hanger into the foam ball as shown.

10) Wrap a piece of ribbon around the ball and through the two wires that the head is sitting on. Tie it off at the top.

Halloween Crafts: Make a Cheesecloth Bat 11) Put the rest of the cheesecloth over the head, and carefully pull the ribbon ends through the cheesecloth so that it comes out the top. Tie the ribbon ends to create a loop for hanging.

12) Cut another piece of ribbon and tie it around the neck to cinch; trim off ribbon ends.

13) Glue the ears and eyes in place as shown. TIP: You can reinforce the ears with the straight pins from step 1 to make sure they don’t come off (during storage, etc.).

You like? We think this bat is a whole lot of fun. Pair it with the cheesecloth ghost and you’ve got some fabulously clever decorations in the house!

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