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Dritz Unusual Suspects: Designer Details

September 15, 2014

Tools to take your sewing to the next level.

You can add special details to your sewing that will yield a true look of professionalism to garments and home accessories. There are tools to help with these details, and using them makes your job easier!  As part of our “unusual suspects” National Sewing Month campaign, we’d like to introduce you to four Dritz sewing supplies that we hope find a place in your arsenal: the bound buttonhole tool, the bias tape maker, the point turner/seam creaser and Stay Tape™. Ready to sew like a pro?  

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Designer Details


Dritz Unusual Suspects: Designer Details

With bias tape makers you can easily make bias tape from strips of fabric. To use, you’ll feed your fabric into the tape maker, and press it as it comes out. 

Uses for bias tape:

  • add detail to skirts, totes and jackets;
  • define curved seams in garments;
  • make curved vines and shapes for quilts.

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Designer Details

The bound buttonhole tool helps you make uniform bound buttonholes up to 1-1/2″ long. Choose a contrasting fabric like we did for a real couture look.

Complete instructions for using the tool are included in the product’s packaging.

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Designer Details

The point turner / seam creaser makes perfect points every time, and it’s super simple to use. Just take the pointed end of the tool, and gently push out corner points in collars, lapels, pockets, belts and ties.

Other uses for this handy tool:

  • crease seams;
  • remove basting stitches.

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Designer Details

Stay Tape adds strength and stability to waistlines, curved necklines, shoulder seams, side pocket openings and gathered seamlines. 

To use Stay Tape, pin it in place, and then sew and/or serge it to secure it. We used it on a shoulder seam to add strength and prevent stretching.


We hope you’ve learned something new, or discovered a unique sewing tool to try out. Do you have an unusual suspect or two in your sewing basket? Tell us about them! We’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks.

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