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Dritz Unusual Suspects: Machine Sewing Savvy

September 10, 2014

Sewing supplies that provide solutions you should know about.

There’s a lot of information out there about the must-have sewing supplies. You’re all probably familiar with tape measures and seam rippers. And, yes, they’re important tools for your sewing basket! But we want to expose you to some of the lesser-known notions that are available. To celebrate National Sewing Month, we’re going to introduce you to some of the unusual suspects in our product line-up. They’re clever and useful – and who knows, after you find out how handy they are, they might move to to the top of your must-have list!     

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Machine Sewing Savvy

Today we’re featuring four Dritz notions that are sewing machine savvy. If you keep these items alongside your machine, we promise they’ll lend a hand.

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Machine Sewing Savvy

The machine needle inserter and threader is two tools in one! You’ll use it to hold and insert a needle, thread the needle, and then pull the thread loop through the needle.

Other benefits:

  • it’s super easy to use;
  • it’s ideal for use with specialty threads;
  • it’s very helpful for those of us with failing eyesight!

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Machine Sewing Savvy.

A bamboo stiletto is multi-functional. Like sewing with trims? Use a stiletto to help guide trims under your presser foot. Its point can be used to grab and hold trims in place.

Other uses:

  • its point keeps fabric from shifting to the side when sewing ends of seams;
  • use it to turn under seam allowances when pressing appliqués.

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Machine Sewing Savvy

Have you ever tried using a point turner & seam creaser to finger press seams without getting up from your machine? Just rub the curved end over the seam to “press” it open or to one side. Flip your fabric to right side and rub again. What a time-saver!

Other uses:

  • ideal for quilting;
  • perfect for delicate fabrics.

Dritz Unusual Suspects: Machine Sewing Savvy

Handi Bobs™! The name says it all! These clever tools keep bobbins and matching thread spools together for easy storage. To use: simply snap your bobbin into place on the bob; the bob will adjust itself to the bobbin. Push loaded Handi Bob into hole in your thread spool.

Bonus: Handi Bobs fit over all sewing machine spindles – no need to remove from spool while sewing. Handy, indeed!

So, what do you think? Did you learn something new? Are you willing to give these guys a try? Please leave us a comment and tell us what your most unusual sewing tool is. We’d really love to hear from you! 

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