Back-to-School: Fobs with Spirit

August 7, 2014

Most popular for sure.

Hey, I don’t know about y’all, but around here, back-to-school is all the talk right now. We’re printing out school supply lists, freshening up wardrobes, and trying to come up with some clever projects that will get the young ones excited about the new school year. One fresh idea: back-to-school key fobs! They use two of our most popular Dritz sewing supplies: the colorful new elastics and the practical key fob hardware. All you need to add is a dash of school spirit.

Make a Back-to-School Key Fob

To make key fobs like those shown, you’ll need a 10″x 8″ piece of fabric, the Dritz elastic of your choice (we used woven fold-over with cheer and zebra print, and raspberry sheer ruffle), and the Dritz key fob hardware.¬†Follow the instructions to make them from our earlier blog post.

These are such a great accessory! They’re easy to find in a stuffed backpack, and the opportunity to personalize each fob using school colors or sports/design motif printed elastics makes them nothing but cool!



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