Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for Camp, School & Pool

July 30, 2014

The Dritz Marking Kit makes it happen.

Keeping track of personal belongings can sometimes be tough in a school, daycare or dorm situation where there are group cubbies or shared laundry facilities. Need to make sure your child or teen doesn’t lose track of gym clothes or school accessories? Personalize their things using the Dritz marking kit. It’s an easy way to identify what’s theirs … and it looks a heck of a lot nicer than that messy magic marker you may have used in the past (we know you have).

Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for School & Pool

Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for School & Pool. There are a variety of laundry marking items available in both the Dritz Sewing and Dritz Clothing Care ranges. You’ll find marking pens, an iron-on fabric tape, and an alphabet stencil. Or, choose a handy kit that includes everything you need to get started.

Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for School & Pool. It used to be that you could mark a name on a garment’s tag … but what happened to the tags? Many garments don’t have tags anymore, and that permanent marker doesn’t look so cool when it bleeds through the fabric.

Solution? Mark kids’ clothes for school or camp with tags made using a Dritz marking pen, tape and alphabet stencil. Nice work, eh?!

Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for School & Pool. Lost lunch boxes and back packs happen daily – just take a look at your school’s lost and found. Since Dritz fabric tape irons on to your garment or accessory, that surface needs to be able to handle the heat of an iron. If it can’t, you can apply the fabric tags to ribbon and either tie or sew the ribbons into place. (This adds personality and color, too!)

Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for School & Pool. Nobody wants to accidentally put on somebody else’s gym clothes. Make sure gear is easily identified by applying tags in the waistband and neckline – this keeps uniforms from getting mixed up in the locker room (which is a very good thing).

Back-to-School: Label your Stuff for School & Pool. Have you ever been to a local swim meet or daycare swim session? Towels are strewn everywhere! Apply a simple label to the hem of a towel and it’s easy to identify which one is yours (even if there are several there with the same design!).

So, do you have some ideas about how you’ll use Dritz laundry marking items this summer and back-to-school season? Please let us know by leaving us a comment below. We’d love to learn more about how you really use Dritz products, and share any clever solutions or unique product uses that you have with other readers.  Happy crafting!

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