Easy Crafts: DIY Cable Cord Vases

June 17, 2014

Don’t your summer blooms deserve a pretty place to sit?

Is your garden in bloom? There’s nothing like plucking fresh flowers straight from the garden and placing them around the house. Fresh flowers just make a space feel good, don’t you agree? Here in South Carolina hydrangeas are popping, so we thought it would be a great idea to make some DIY vases to put them in. We looked at our stash of Dritz® sewing supplies and just knew there was something clever we could do with the Dritz® Home cable cord. Check out these nautical and cord-wrapped vases – we think they’re pretty cool, and better yet, they’re quick and easy to make.

Easy Crafts: 3 DIY Cable Cord Vases

To make the vases, you’ll need the following basic supplies:

Easy Crafts: 3 DIY Cable Cord Vases

Have you ever worked with Dritz® cable cord before? Typically it’s used behind the scenes to make coordinating fabric-covered piping or welting for DIY home decorating projects. But not today! This versatile material is the star of our easy-to-craft vases – you’ll just glue or wrap it in place.

Easy Crafts: 3 DIY Cable Cord Vases

For a fully wrapped vase, start with a generous dot of glue around the top rim of the vase. Unravel an inch of your cord and place it in the glue, flat against the vase (you’ll cover this end later). Apply more glue and press the cord into it. Wrap around the vase once, and then turn the vase upside down and work up from there. Continue wrapping until vase is covered. Don’t wrap too tight – leaving a little give will allow you to press the cord into the glue and fill in spaces between rows.

Easy Crafts: 3 DIY Cable Cord Vases

This one is super simple! Simply cut a length of cable cord and tie it as you wish at the neck of your vase. Seal cut cord ends with Fray Check™. That’s it!

Easy Crafts: 3 DIY Cable Cord Vases

To make this burlap and nautical knot vase, first measure your vase and cut a strip of burlap with a 1″ overlap. To fray the burlap, gently pull 2-3 strings out of the weave. Wrap the burlap around the vase and secure with glue gun. Tie bows or nautical knots with the cable cord and glue those in place as well. Remember to seal all cut cord ends with Fray Check™.

So, are you ready to get crafting with cable cord? In addition to vases, you can alter some of these same techniques to make wrapped glass balls or cylinders; or try it on frames and planters. There are many home accessories that would look great with a little cable cord embellishment – put your imagination to work and see what you can do. 

If you come up with some creative summer looks, please tell us about them! We’d love to hear about what you made. 

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