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Handmade Christmas: It’s the Best Gift Ever!

December 19, 2013

Giving hand-sewn gifts or quilts this year? Say so with Dritz Quilting Charms.

If you’ve put time and love into hand crafting gifts this holiday season, shouldn’t the recipients of these gifts know how special they are? New Dritz Quilting embellishment charms help you do just that – proudly proclaim that your gifts are handmade! Your love ones will be just charmed.

Handmade Christmas: Dritz Quilting Charms

Handmade Christmas: Dritz Quilting Charms There are several styles of Dritz Quilting charms and each package includes five coordinating charms.

Handmade Christmas: Dritz Quilting Charms Dritz Quilting charms are easy to apply – just hand stitch them on with a needle and thread. They’re perfect for any soft fabric items that you’re giving: quilts, pillows, place mats, runners, aprons – if you made it, it needs a charm!

They’re great on garments and accessories, too. Why not add them to Ts and totes, as well!

Handmade Christmas: Dritz Quilting Charms The charms are also a fun addition to traditional quilt labels.

You’ll find Dritz Quilting embellishment charms in the quilting department of your favorite fabric retailer.

Are you giving handmade this season? If so, be sure to tell your friends and loved ones that their gifts are crafted by YOU.

Happy Holidays!

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