Easy Crafts: DIY Flowers Now in Bloom

November 1, 2013

Beautiful things are always in season.

Have you seen the Dritz Flower Loom yet? It’s a handy loom that you can use with a variety of materials to make all kinds of flowers. These blooms are great for adorning anything: garments, accessories, gifts, pillows, jewelry and more. Flower making is an easy craft to master and we’d like to show you how it’s done.

Easy Crafts: DIY Flowers are in Bloom

To get started, gather your Dritz Flower Loom, and whatever kind of material that you’re going to use for your flowers (example: ribbon, yarn, twine, etc.). As you can see, we used a lot of different colors and materials, and added buttons, too.

DIY Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

Insert the pegs into the holes according to the size petals that you want to make. (Sizes range from 1.5″ to 4″ in diameter.) The flower we’re going to show you will have two layers of petals, each a different size (indicated by the inner and outer circles of pegs).

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

Separate the two pieces of your loom and run the end of your yarn (or ribbon, twine, etc.) down through the center of the top piece. Snap the two pieces together, with the yarn sandwiched between them. This will anchor your yarn.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

Starting directly across from your anchor, wind the yarn around the outer peg, straight down and around the opposite outer peg, then across the center to the next row of pegs immediately to the right. Turn the loom counterclockwise as you work, keeping the working pegs at 12 and 6 o’clock.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

To finish this layer of petals, cut your yarn leaving a few inches hanging loose. Press this extra length of yarn through the center of the loom using the plastic needle that comes with the loom.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

Separate the loom’s pieces  and tie a knot with the anchor yarn and the piece you just pushed through the center.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

To start a second layer of petals, press the new yarn down through the previous layer and anchor it between the two loom pieces as you did before.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

It should look like this.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

Now wind the yarn in the same fashion as you did previously, this time around the inner circle of pegs. Work this layer of petals the same as the first.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

To tie both layers together, cut another piece of yarn approximately 40″ long, and thread the plastic needle. TIP: use a large embroidery needle to push the yarn through the plastic needle’s eye.

Easy Crafts: Using the Dritz Flower Loom

This time you’ll start from the back and pull the yarn up between the petals. Pull it all the way up, and anchor the end the same way.

Make DIY Flowers with Dritz Loom

Now just come up, over, and down directly across on the other side. Working clockwise, move one peg over, come up and over to the right.

Fill in as much as you like, and tie it off the same way on the back.

Once you get in a rhythm, you will be a flower-making machine – promise! We have made tons of these and they really are quite simple to create once you get the hang of it. The best part is, you can create many different types of flowers depending upon how you position your pegs and what kind of material you use (yarn, ribbon, twine, etc.). There is a detailed brochure that comes inside the flower loom package, and you can refer to that, too, for more flower-making combinations! If video is your thing, check this out and see just how it’s done. (You’ll notice there are some slight differences between the video and the instructions above. That’s okay! Bottom line is that you can vary how you use the loom – it’s your preference!)

So, are you ready? What kind of flowers will you make? Please share – we’d love to know what’s in bloom in your neck of the woods!

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