Sewing Tutorial: Personalized Burlap Placemats

August 12, 2013

If you’re hungry for easy DIY, this idea is for you!

Ready to serve up something clever for dinner? How about an easy DIY
placemat using two key ingredients: burlap and soft flock iron-on lettering? Make meal
time fun, and spark some interesting conversations with placemats that are
personalized. Your friends and family are sure to sit down with a smile when
they see that their placemats are unique – add initials, an adjective, a greeting, you name it!

Crafting Tutorial: Make a Personalized Burlap Placemat

What you’ll need:

*per placemat

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Personalized Burlap Placemat

Cut the burlap to 13” x 17” or to the size and shape that best fits your plate. Zigzag stitch ¼” in from the edges to prevent the burlap from unraveling.

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Personalized Burlap Placemat

Pull out the loose strings in that ¼” seam allowance to make a neat and pretty frayed edge

Sewing Tutorial: Make a Personalized Burlap Placemat

Following the instructions on the soft flock iron-on lettering package, apply your letters. If you are using a thick or “chunky” font style, you can gently peel the letters from the backing sheet and press directly onto the burlap. TIP: Be sure to lower your pressing time so you don’t scorch the flock.

Is this fun table décor or what? And remember this is a unique idea for parties and entertaining, too – make guests guess which placemat is theirs. What words of wisdom will you include on your placemats?

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