Crafting with Color: Fabric Dye Ideas and Inspiration

June 24, 2013

Yes, you DO have a choice when it comes to color.

Did you know that you can personalize crafts, sewing projects and home décor with DIY color? It’s easy! Fabric dyes give you the opportunity to customize the color element of many crafts and sewing projects. So let color become the focal point of your next creation. Here we’ll provide four easy ideas for crafting with fabric dye, and letting color be the star of your project!

Four Crafting Project Ideas Using Dylon Fabric Dye

There are many fabric dyes available, but we used Dylon® fabric dye for our projects. Dylon Permanent Fabric Dye does not fade or wash out – it’s most vibrant on natural fabrics, and is perfect for projects that can be hand dyed.  Dylon Machine Dye works in top-loading washing machines and is ideal for large projects such as sheets, towels, and curtains.

Craft Project: Dyed Coffee Filter Balls with Dylon Fabric Dye

What a fun craft idea: dyed coffee filter balls! This easy project really lets the color shine, because the coffee filters take the dye so nicely. Easy: dye the filters, assemble them into flowers, and then stick the flowers into Styrofoam balls. They’re great all-around décor items, but also perfect for parties, kids’ rooms – anywhere fun is a prerequisite! Full instructions here.  

Craft Project: Ruched Scarf with Dylon Fabric Dye

If you’re going to wear it, you want the best color, right? That’s the beauty of this easy-to-sew scarf. The ruched details are achieved by sewing with Dritz elastic thread. The color can be whatever you’d like it to be. Make several – different colors for different seasons; or layer them on in coordinating colors. Full instructions here.

Craft Project: Towel and Bath Mat Set with Dylon Machine Dye

Dylon Machine Dye is ideal for dyeing large items in the washing machine. Here we had a white towel and bath mat that we dyed red so that they’d match each other, and look dynamite with the other towels we already had. Machine Dye is also perfect for dyeing batches of items in one load (think about your black clothing that needs a refresh). Full instructions here.

Sewing Project: Apron with Dylon Permanent Dye

This project is really cool because all of the fabrics we used to make this apron were originally black and white. (Imagine black polka dots, stripes, etc., on a white ground.) We dyed the fabrics different colors using Dylon Permanent Dye and then made this quick-sew apron. Full instructions here.

Are the wheels turning yet? Are you inspired to give color center stage in your next craft or sewing project? You’ll find the full line of Dylon Permanent and Machine Dyes at Joann Fabric Stores.

Tell us about your craft and sewing projects – we’re dyeing to hear about them! (Get it?)

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