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Sewing Tutorial: How to Cover a Button

April 25, 2013

Warning: you will fall in love with these lovelies – and want them on everything!

If you aren’t up for another sewing obsession, you best move along.  Once you become acquainted with Dritz® cover buttons, you do risk wanting to incorporate them into all of your sewing projects, because, well, they’re just so darn cute. (And we must mention, super easy to DIY.) The question is: can you handle another passion?

Sewing Tutorial: how to cover a button using Dritz cover buttons

Making cover buttons is a great way to use fabric scraps.  If you’re a beginning sewist, making cover buttons is a perfect way to begin working with fabric – you can easily add clever, handmade touches to store-bought clothing, accessories or gifts before you’re actually up to the task of completing full-on sewing projects. Are you a jewelry fanatic? A paper crafter? Well cover buttons are for you, too.

Familiarize yourself with the variety of Dritz® cover buttons that are available, and check out this PDF that diagrams the differing cover button styles and explains what all the parts are called. It’s a handy reference that you might want to save or print for ongoing use.  You ready?

Sewing Tutorial: How to Use a Dritz Cover Button step 1 (trace)

So, if you have a fabric design that must be centered on the cover button, it’s best to use a Dritz® cover button template.  Choose a template size to match your cover button size, and trace, centering the design. Cut out the fabric circle.

Sewing tutorial: how to use Dritz cover buttons step 2 (push into mold)

Push the fabric circle and button shell into the mold, using your finger, the pusher or both. The goal is to tuck the fabric securely into the button shell.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Cover a Button using Dritz Cover Buttons (step 3 - press together)

Center the back of the button over the tucked-in fabric.  Push down firmly with the pusher until the back snaps into place.

Sewing Tutorial: How to Use Dritz Cover Buttons (step 4 - pop out)

Remove the pusher and bend the mold slightly, pushing up from the bottom to pop out the button. And … you’re done.  In love or what?

One of the coolest things about cover buttons is how versatile they are!  You can use them on garments as functional buttons; for paper crafting; jewelry; as a detail on accessories (think iPad covers, totes, hair ties, napkin ring holders) –  the sky really is the limit!

Do you have a really clever way to use cover buttons? We’d love it if you’d leave us a comment and tell us how you use them.

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