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Sewing Ideas: Explaining Elastics

March 25, 2013

Product details plus inspiration for sewing, making and fun are HERE.

Okay, you’ve asked, and we’ve got some product information about the new Dritz® elastics to share here and now. There’s been a bit of social buzz about it – you want to sew with it, craft with it, and in general just get it in your hands, stat! Here you’ll find color charts for each of the new styles – fold-over (FOE) in solids and patterns, and ruffled – as well as some how-to sewing tips and inspirational ideas to get you started. Let’s talk DIY!   


P_elastics1_0313 Ruffles! Ruffles! Who loves ruffles? (Who doesn’t is more like it, right?) Ruffled elastic is available in 9 vibrant colors. It comes on cards 5/8” wide x 1 yard long.  The material is soft and easy to work with.  It can be machine washed and dried.

Check out all the Dritz® ruffled elastics.

P_elastics2_0313 Need ideas? This elastic works well as an embellishment – think bows and trims. The tank top, PJ bottoms and socks shown were embellished simply by hand stitching the elastic.  Ruffled elastic can also be used functionally as straps and headbands.

P_elastics3_0313 This fold-over elastic (FOE) is just dynamite. Like the 12 patterns? Stripes, polka dots, skins and foulard are sure to spice up many projects. The patterned FOE comes on cards 1” wide x 1 yard long. It has a delicate center line for easy folding (if you’re using it that way). It can be machine washed and dried.

P_elastics4_0313 FOE is fun used flat (see the striped suspenders in the top image). But it also encases the raw edge of fabric while performing its intended duty – being elastic.  That’s right – no need to finish raw edges when you’re using FOE this way. Just sandwich your fabric in the FOE, fold it over, and then stitch away!

P_elastics5_0313 The solid FOE is available in 10 soft colors. From left to right they are: white, yellow, aqua, melon, ivory, lime, lilac, light pink, light blue and black.  It comes on cards 5/8″ wide x 1 yard long. The material is soft and pliable and it can be machine washed and dried. Use it flat, or fold it over to encase edges – you decide based on the project at hand!

P_elastics6_0313 Sweet headbands are an easy way to add color and personality to a young one’s look. We embellished two of these with simple fabric flowers; the pink flower is readymade.

Projects such as the crayon roll utilize the elastic’s stretchy quality to hold crayons in place.

Need more project ideas using elastic? Click here. You can also visit the Dritz® website to see all of the elastics that we have available.

Have you learned a bit more about the new Dritz® elastics? We hope so! And if you’re a fan of the FOE, how do you use it? Do you leave it flat or fold it over? Can’t wait to chat!

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