Nothing Green to Wear for St. Patrick’s Day?

March 12, 2013

Design a quick and easy necklace with buttons and notions.

There’s always someone that just can’t resist catching you without your green on. Here’s a really quick and easy DIY necklace to keep you safe (and fabulous) all day! It’s so super easy, it just might be your lucky charm. 

St. Patrick's Day DIY necklace with notions and green buttons

supplies needed for DIY St. Patrick's Day necklace

Supplies needed:

create loop by wrapping twine around center of button

Make a small loop from twine, and glue it to the back of the button. 

While the glue is still wet, wrap a longer cut of twine around the the center of the button – this will also hold the loop in the place when the glue dries. Tie it off with a small knot on the front of the button and seal it with some Fray Check® liquid seam sealant.

Finish this piece with a small jump ring on the loop.

slide safety pin into button hole and glue

Open the safety pin, and slide it through the hole in the back of the button. Close the pin and glue the pieces together.

Now add a jump ring to the coil in the safety pin.

add notions & buttons to chain

Once your pieces are dry, slide them all onto your chain.

You may want to attach the pieces with jump rings directly to the chain so you’ll get the best shape.

use a safety pin for a quick necklace closure

Finish it off with a safety pin (or clasp) and you’re done!

With as easy and inexpensive as those little jump rings are, you can add just about anything to a necklace, for a unique piece that is as charming as you are. What kind of green will you be sporting St. Patrick’s Day?

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